Young Male Grizzlies Shot Near Nelson

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Two young male grizzlies had to be killed near Nelson, British Columbia. Last year they were removed from town limits, with their mother and another sibling, and released back into the wild. The other sibling was shot last year, and the mother was ear tagged and collared, however she slipped out of her collar. This year the brothers were trapped and shot. The bears had associated people with food, and had shown aggressive behavior towards humans. Jason Hawkes, conservation officer for the Nelson area, confirmed the two bears were shot last week – Thursday, May 26, from The Nelson Post.

A long lasting winter may have kept the bears at lower feeding grounds, instead of moving on to the high country and their natural diet. Nelson's City Council is considering a bylaw, where residents who don't clean up fruit from trees, or leave out trash or other bear attractants will be fined. There are many black bears in the area, and then this family of four grizzlies from last year into this year. Joanne Siderius, program director of Bear Aware would also like a clause where trash can not be put out at the curb from 7pm to 6 am, from The Nelson Post.


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I’m sorry to hear of any game animal that is killed non-hunting

I am always in favor of hunting as the most sane, economical, and efficient solution to any need to reduce game animal populations.  I do not object to this sort of non-hunting bear management when it is absolutely necessary to manage problem  bears though.

I’m sorry to hear of any game animal that is killed other than by a hunter.  It’s a shame that the relocation efforts were unsuccessful this time.  That far in town where there are children is no place for a grizzly bear.  That just seems like a disaster waiting to happen.  It’s a shame that the grizzlies had to eb killed, but far better that they were put down quickly and humanely before there were any human casualties.  As sad as it is it looks to me like the wildlife officials made a good decision in this case.

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I don't know about bears, but

I don't know about bears, but I would sure like to finemy neighbor for not cleaning up the fallen fruit from her fruit tree.  I am up to 10 rats in 2 weeks that I have killed around my house. Ugh!

Sad to see these bears get killed, but that's what happens when they become to familiar with humans. Not good for either party involved, and in this case, led to their death.

On a side note, click on the "google map" insert to the bear article.  It shows where grizzlies have been spotted in town.  Holy crap, 2 of them are right in the middle of the neighborhood.  A little too close for comfort, if you ask me.