Young Hunter Fills Her Bag

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Carmen Pearson, 12, had already successfully hunted one turkey this season when she was heading out to hunt again with her grandfather, Jim Smith, in South Carolina. They had gotten off with a late start that morning, and were out calling by 7:30 am. After a half hour, there were three turkeys in shooting range. Carmen took her 12-gauge shotgun, and shot.

The dominant turkey was down, shot in the head. Her grandfather said, "You got two." Carmen looked at him with surprise and asked if he was sure. The bullet from Carmen's shotgun had struck two turkeys in the head.

What Carmen had to say about it; “I guess he just got in the way,” Carmen said. “That’s his fault." What her grandfather had to say about it; "“That was a big thrill,” Smith said. “You see that occasionally. You don’t have that often.”

For this season Carmen definitely has the bragging rights. From


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Funny.  Good thing she didn't

Funny.  Good thing she didn't get all 3..... Wink

Like reading stories of the kids being active in the outdoors!  Even if they are more successful than me....... lol