Young Deer Tries to Swim Across Lake Superior

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The young deer was trying to swim across Lake Superior, from Minnesota to Wisconsin. Rich and Bette Koivisto watched from shore as the deer swam out about 50 feet to where they could no longer see the deer. Fisherman on the lake watched him swim as well. The deer was in the 47-53* water for almost an hour before he returned to the rocky shore. Once he was out he just plopped down, probably too exhausted to do much else. A passerby saw the deer's plight, picked him up and took him across the road to the brush.

Bob Kirsch, Department of Natural Resources area wildlife manager at Two Harbors has seen deer swim in the lake before. “Deer can swim like fish, with that hollow hair. Why they do it, I don’t know. To see the other side? To go where no other deer has gone before?” He had one other theory. “The only other thing is, it could be so intimidated about crossing roads, it thought swimming out in the lake was a better option,” Kirsch said. From Duluth News Tribune.


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I ahve seen this behavior

I ahve seen this behavior before but but have no idea what motivates them. None the less it is pretty amazing and the deer did much better than I could as I would have only lasted a minute or so. If it was the midle of summer you might think they were just trying to cool off a bit but I'm sure that's not the case in this situation at all.


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Wonder if the food in

Wonder if the food in Wisconsin is better than it is in Minnesota.  Atleast he gave it a galant effort before coming to the realizzatioln he was not gonna make it.  Kudos to the person who took the animal to the the brush atleast there he may get some of its strength back.