Yellowstone Grizzly Will be Left Alone

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We reported yesterday about the tragic death of a hiker due to a grizzly attack. Yellowstone National Park Officials are not going to search for the grizzly sow that killed the 57 year old hiker. They stated the bear was doing what comes naturally in defending her cubs, and that this wasn't the first encounter with the hikers. The hikers had spotted the grizzly and cubs earlier and continued hiking, on the second encounter the sow attacked the man, while the wife yelled for help and called 911. There is speculation about what happened, but it's important to note that the bears are still in lower areas than normal from the high snow and this grizzly was just defending her cubs. From the Yellowstone Insider.


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That is good to ear for the

That is good to ear for the bear.  Almost sounds like the couple had all the chances in the world to steer clear of the bearfs area. I do not know about alot of you, but unles I am hunting a dangerous animal with a weapon I do not take out after them especially if they have little ones with them.

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Well it looks now like things

Well it looks now like things may be very different than when the report first came out yesterday. When they spotted the bear and her cubs the first time the best thing they could have done was get clear of the area as quickly as possible. Although it does not specifically say so it sounds like they may have been trying to move in closer for some good pictures. People have got to learn to respect what any wild animal is capable of and the instinctive nature they have to protect thier young. Like I said before though a good can of pepper spray may have been enough to keep this event from turning tragic no matter how it got started in the first place.

Based on what we do know I agree with the decision to leave her and her cubs alone as long as non further agressive reporst come in to change things.