Wyoming Wildlife Manager Supports Grizzly Hunt

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With the number of brown bears in and around Yellowstone National Park hitting all time highs some are starting to talk about the need for grizzly hunts to manage the population.

The Washington Post has a brief article up that suggests that grizzly hunts may have support in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Mark Bruscino, supervisor of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department bear management program, tells the Powell Tribune that he favors hunting to manage the grizzly population. Bruscino says he and his department support the bear recovery program, but the best habitat areas are now full and bears are moving into marginal areas.


Bear and Wolf Boom

 Bear and Wolf boom makes for the beginning of a good movie or book. It is going to interesting to see how these 2 issues play out over next few years. Animal lovers as myself, even though I have been accused of other things, love to see a good conservation program and animals prosper. I hope there is a balance for this though so the ranchers who live in these areas don't suffer as well. I just hope when the powers that be make their decisions on these matters take into account all aspects of the situation and no just give in to whoever is the biggest lobby machine. You can't assume,anymore, that common sense is a part of the decision making process. As I have said in other posts. If its illegal to say the Pledge of Allegiance in schools than nothing is protected anymore. Yes I know it has been banned for a few years but some things should never be forgotten. To end this though I am happy to see both the return of the Bear and Wolves, and I pray that everything works out for both sides of the situation.

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Sounds like the population is

Sounds like the population is that they they can start come very strict contolled hunting and why not..I would definetly be interested in that kind of hunting.

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Wouldn't that be something to

Wouldn't that be something to see the lower 48 allow hunting for both grizzlies and wolves in the near future?  A good management plan, with controlled hunting for both species would benefit all, including those 2 populations.

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I think conducting that hunt

I think conducting that hunt would be the best sloution for everyone involved in and around the greater Yellowstone area. The game department would have a management tool in place to thin the bear population to acceptable levels. They would also benefit from more revenue. The hunters would get a chance to hunt grizzlies in the lower 48, therefore they wouldn't have to travel to Alaska or Canada. The outfitters would have another stream of income to fall back on. The local business people would see an increase in their revenue. The ranchers would be able to relax because they would be fewer grizzlies roamingvoutside the park in search of their cattle. It seems like a winning solution to me.

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I bet them boys in Wyoming

I bet them boys in Wyoming are lined up to buy thier tags. Grizzlys/brownies are one of the most fun hunts you can do.