Wyoming Gun Owners May be Breaking Federal Laws

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Wyoming recently started allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a permit. Residents are allowed to have the firearms in their vehicles, while doing this is fine in the state, it affects the federal law in some situations. The Federal Gun Free School Zone Act of 1995 makes it a crime to possess a functional firearm on public property, such as sidewalks, roads, highways, parks or fairgrounds, located within 1,000 feet of the property line of any elementary, middle or high school. So inadvertently there are drivers breaking this law when they drive on I-25, because in Cheyenne they will come within 1,000 feet of Jessup Elementary School.

Some gun right advocates have created The National Coalition for Amending the Federal Gun Free School Zone Act of 1995. This group is letting residents know about the federal laws. Some carriers in public areas are breaking federal laws. There is an exemption in the law to concealed permit holders, this is valid only in the state where the permit comes from, and Wyoming no longer requires a permit. Wyoming has never had to enforce this federal law. Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak said the department has never been in a position where it had to enforce the federal law. From Billing Gazette.


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It's time for the states to tell the feds to go pound sand.

This country is due for a change yet I fear that the end result will be more federalism instead of less. 


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Geez, forget Wyoming, it

Geez, forget Wyoming, it looks like people are violating the law in every state in the country.  Heck, here in California, I must pass 2 or 3 schools each trip I take into the woods.  There are so many schools out here, you seem to pass the "property line" every 8-10 blocks.

Same goes for Vermont.  While I do not pass one every 8-10 blocks, I do know of one that I pass, and actually used to go rabbit hunting on the weekends out in the woods beyond their softball field.  Never gave it a second thought.

I can't believe taking a firearm in your car, and driving through the area is what the original law intended to target. 

Hopefully they will be able to successfully challenge this and get it changed.  I can't believe the way that people are so afraid of those of us that use guns for recreation.  Uneducated, that's all it is.

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what happens if you're a gun

what happens if you're a gun owner who lives next to a school?


the law is there so police can enforce it to their advantage, not to protect us.

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This one surprised me as well

This one surprised me as well as I knew nothing about this federal law. It seems like this would be a problem in many states as you can have a gun in your car in a lot of them. I have my permit here but would be in violation in Wyoming as the law does not give me exemption away from home. Not a problem as I don't go that way but I bet there are many similar situations. Here in Colorado it is legal to carry in your car without a permit as your car is considered an extension of your home, Our local high school borders the main street through town so it seems that this would apply here as well. The school is probably more like 100 feet from the road at most. Anyway it sounds like this is something that a sensible officer does not really worry about unless it looked like someone who might be a problem.

Congratulations to the state of Wyoming for making this law areality as we have tried for a long time here with no success.

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Yeah I think almost all

Yeah I think almost all resident in Wyoming carry a gun in the vechuile all the time no matter what.  Good point about living next to a school...wonder how that works.

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well if that is the case then

well if that is the case then all people are guilty.  what people don't know don't hurt them.  what about people that live next to schools.  are you telling me they can't own guns?  Now that should be against the law, a good person without a gun.