Wyoming Allows Concealed Carry, No Permit Necessary

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Wyoming joins Alaska, Arizona and Vermont as a state that allows citizens to carry a concealed weapon without requiring a permit. Citizens who choose to carry have to follow the laws, and not take firearms where they are banned; schools, churches, and any building that bans them. As the new law came into action there were more no firearm signs going up in Cheyenne, the capital. Officials still recommend getting a permit though because with the permit one can carry in other states. A Wyoming Concealed Carry is valid in 34 other states, and is good for 5 years, also it makes purchasing a gun easier. No background check is done with a permit carrier, they show their permit, and fill out paperwork.

Supporters of the new law do not think this will increase crime as some believe. It might deter more crimes because a perp would not know who was carrying. There were seminars about the new laws and the guidelines that go with them. Most that attended these seminars already had permits, and more of the attendees were planning on getting their permit. During the seminar, Officer Remers warned of the severe ramifications of shooting or killing someone, even in self-defense.“If you can avoid shooting someone, avoid shooting someone,” he said. Remers thinks the biggest complication of the new law will be people carrying where they are not supposed to be carrying. From Billings Gazette.


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I actually had thought that

I actually had thought that this went through several months ago but maybe this was the official start up date for the new law. I was not surprised that it passed up there as in my experience the state of Wyoming has been the most hunter and gun friendly of any I have been in. Everywhere you stop if I'm wearing hunting clothes people will come over to ask how the days hunting went. The only thing that did surprise me here was the mention of signs going up in Cheyenne by places that would not allow them. Even here in Colorado even though I know there are many places like that I have so far only come across one and had to go back to my car.

Colorado has in fact been trying to get a similar law for many years but it fails regularly at every attempt. Also failed was a similar one that our permit would have saved us the need for a background check. Good job To the state of Wyoming for seeing the reality of things.

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I love the Wyoming bill, but

I love the Wyoming bill, but don't expect to see that anytime here in New Mexico!  I was hard enough to get the one with a perment.  Go to know next time i am up there.

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That is pretty cool, I knew

That is pretty cool, I knew you could carry on Alaska but I had not idea that you could in Arizona dn Vermont.  I knowe that Colorado is trying to pass a bill that will allow us to carry without a permit also.  I suspect that here we will be meet with more resistence than Wyoming was.  I personally hope it passes here but it still does make good sense to get a permit so one can carry in all other states that it allows you to.