Wounded Iraq Veteran To Go On Grand Slam Hunt

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The Wounded Warrior Project is helping retired Army Sgt. Eric Edmundson fulfill his life dreams. Dreams that were put on hold after being injured in Iraq. Sgt. Edmundson suffered a traumatic and anoxic brain injury. His family, especially wife and father Ed, have been by his side helping him recover from the moment he came home. He has made amazing strides and now this fall with Ed by his side he is going on an amazing hunt through the United States.

Eric and Ed are planning on a 9,000 round trip hunting experience. They will hit 8 states, Florida, Montana, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, Idaho and Wyoming and hunt for alligator and bison to black bear and antelope. The Wounded Warrior's facebook page will have pictures of the grand slam trip.

Eric’s dreams for his life have not gone away. We have just had to modify how he can reach them,” said Ed. “We think this is an important message for anyone who may be struggling with a severe injury or illness. We hope our story will inspire those folks to change their own philosophy from ‘I can’t’, to ‘I can and I will.”

Wounded Warrior Project Executive Director Steve Nardizzi stated, “We know the public will be as inspired by Eric as we are and come away with the knowledge that despite the physical and neurological challenges many wounded warriors face, their passion for what they love remains strong. More than anything Eric’s story is one of perseverance. He is a symbol of the strength and resiliency of the human spirit.” From Business Wire.


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Great story and a great

Great story and a great program. Wounded warriors is a great organization and deserves all the support we can give them. I have a buch of shirts and hats that I have given away as I can't seem to pass one of thier tables when they set up somewhere without buying something. I will have to go check out this facebook page later so I can watch and track his progress across teh country. Hopefully his adventure will be everything he wants it to be as we all enjoy it with him.

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I love seeing stories like

I love seeing stories like this.  I have actually sent some of my charitable giving in recent years to the Wounded Warrior project. Being a big military town, we have lots of them out here.

I hope the young man does well, and I am whether or not he is successful on all or part of his grand slam hunts, it will be the trip of a lifetime for him and his Dad.

We actually had our local representative out here that would set up hunts for returning military members. He even tried to pass a law allowing for Santa Rosa Island, which is about to have their elk herd wiped out by professional hunters, to become a hunting preserve for wounded soldiers.  It would have been a great thing, but it was shot down.

I think we should make the

I think we should make the politicians pack out the meat, that would at least let them know what it's like to get their hands dirty.