Would You Bring a Black Bear Cub Home?

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Rene Dubois saw a black fur ball on the side of the road. He watched it for awhile, realized it was a bear cub and waited to see if a mother bear was around. After not seeing one, he got out and looked at the small bear cub. It appeared to be about 5 weeks old and on the verge of death. It could barely hold its head up and its tongue was turning black.

Dubois took the bear home in the cab of his truck. When he got home he put the bear in his garage and excitedly called his wife to come see what he had brought home. The first thing she asked was why did you bring him home? Dubois and his wife are nursing the small bear back to health. Conservation officials told Dubois he should've left it where it was, and now it would have to be destroyed. Dubois said he saved its life, that he would not kill it. He has been working with Bear Creek Sanctuary near Barrie, Ontario to find it a home. The bear, Dubois' granddaughter helped name, Makoon, may go later this week to the bear sanctuary. Until then he is living in the lap of luxury, with feedings of fruit and honey and bottles of milk.

Dubois has had visitors come to his door to see the bear cub. He has one condition letting visitors hold the cub though, the bear can not be woken up from a nap. He says the bear gets a bit growly if woken up. From CBCNews.com.