Women of the Wild Outdoors

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The Women of the Wild Outdoors TV show is the brainchild of Lisa and Ed Retterath of Elko, Minnesota. They hope to bring more women into the sport of hunting. There is no star that ties the episodes together, just women who have an interest in hunting.

Recently it was goose hunting on the first day of the season. Last year it was a 16 year old girl who had shot over 64 big game animals on hunts around the world, and her sister on her very first hunt. The Retteraths are trying to inspire more women to take up the male-dominated sport. What better way, then showing other women having fun while doing it. From The Kansas City Star.

For more information visit www.womenofthewildoutdoors.com.


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  I have absolutely no issue


I have absolutely no issue with a "woman only" focused show as it definitely generates more people with interest into the sport of hunting and that can only be good for all hunters worldwide. Heck my new hunting partner and "newby" into hunting, let alone big game hunting, is a female that my wife introduced me to.  While the wife will do the bird hunting with me she does not have the patience to do the big game hunting... thus enters "Deb" into the picture.  This is a great showcase and focus.  Wow - to have a 16 year old tell of her adventures on air is an outstanding achievement as a hunter and not just as a female.  So I say go for it and hopefully it attracts thousands of new female hunters to the sport.  And they need to do the same with youth hunters in general with no male/female separation involved.



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I was surprised when I saw

I was surprised when I saw the comments here for this one. Too many other issues at hand I guess. I think a show like this is great and will help to motivate women that are on the fence or a little shy about expressing the things they would like to do. My daughter would love it and haas become quite a hunter herself. My wife does not hunt and I actually prefer it that way so I can get away and enjoy an escape of my own but if she chose to try it I would not discourage her. My ex hunted with me always but it became a problem at times.

In reading some of the news postings here it seems there are many states that now have women workshops to help get them started and this is just a continuation of those programs. I think it's great nad gives a different perspective as well of what we all get out of what we do.

As a female, I think this is

As a female, I think this is a great show. I don't see anything wrong with having a female oriented hunting show, especially if it is on the outdoors channel. There are so many on there that are solely men, and well that I just expect. I think this show has potential of showing women that hunting is NOT about killing Bambi, but actually a fun adventure. Hunting IS a male dominated sport currently, there isn't discrimination since it is open to everyone, no one is being left out. Just opening a new portal for women to experience.

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Thanks for your input from

Thanks for your input from the female perspective.  The good thing is that hunting sales in general have declined the last few years, with the exception of sales to WOMEN!  It's great to see you and other gals taking an interest to the male dominated sport... Wink

The more the merrier!

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Yeah, sorry Mike, but I gotta

Yeah, sorry Mike, but I gotta pile on you too... Wink I believe that whatever it takes, to get more women and youth involved, we need to do that.  If it means making hunting shows for women, or different apparel, then so be it.

I saw an article about the girl in the first episode with the 64 big game animals.  That is one heck of a feat, man or woman!  Something to be celebrated, as well as women getting their first big game animal.

Very cool!

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Ok - I may have overreacted on this -

I may have overreacted on this post due to something that was happening offline.  I had one of my employees (two levels down) tell me last week that I had treated her in a demeaning way because I asked her to correct and finalize a report that she had written.  I in fact thought I was giving her an opportunity to take pride of ownership and complete a project on her own.  She said she thought it was beneath her to do "secretarial work" and that I should give typing corrections to one of her coworkers instead.  It really torques me that anyone would feel that work is "beneath" them - especially to correct their own work.  I am going to correct her report and finalize it myself.  You should never assign work that you are unwilling to do yourself IMHO.  What she doesn't realize is that last week's little fit might have cost her a promotion she is being considered for.  It indicates to me that although she has the technical competence she may have the wrong attitude to manage a unit if she feels that work 'beneath her' should be given to someone else or that making your own typing corrections is something that you get promoted out of.....

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I think our sport would be much better served and promoted by not dividing ourselves as hunter or huntress.  It shouldn't be men vs women when it comes to hunting.  Dividing ourselves by gender discrimination within the hunting areana is exactly what the anti's would love to see and a useful tool for them to use against us in their attempt to destroy our beloved sport.  Just my opinion. 

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Not Seeing it.

Mike, I have read several of your replies/posts and for the most part agree with you but not on this one. I do not see this as discrimination at all. I will admit I have not seen the show but from what I have read I do not see it. I see it as woman hunters enjoying the hunt and promoting our sport. It is not for woman only, I see it more as seeing hunting from a woman’s perspective. As stated in the original post “They hope to bring more women into the sport of hunting” and “trying to inspire more women to take up the male-dominated sport. What better way, then showing other women having fun while doing it.” Sorry but I don’t see any discrimination there?

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ok ok I am standing down


Ok ok maybe I'm just cranky. 

Heck I'd probably watch the show if I saw it while flipping channels....

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good and bad

It is good that women are interested in hunting and that they have some gear designed for their needs.  Nothing wrong with spotlighting their hunting efforts but it bugs the crap out of me that there is anything that is specifically oriented toward one restricted group or another.  Discrimination just isn't right in any form.  If a show was marketed as for men only or in any way hinted at excluding women they would catch all sorts of grief for it.  Wouldn't it be better to have a show that focused on new hunters, or love of the hunt, or family outings, or friends hunting together?  Anything other than gender bias, sexist, racist, etc. Why would it be ok to discriminate against one group and not others - just because we think one set of people is prettier to watch than others?  Well that egts you into all sorts of legal and political issues now doesn't it?  Fair is fair right? Well at least it should be.....at least I think it should be.....

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This is a good thing for the

This is a good thing for the ladies and also for hunting in general. Glad to see shows like this and changes to gear that is tailored for woman also. My wife is also a hunter and she really like the fact she can get clothing and good boots in her size that fits proper. The more ethical hunters we have the better our sport will be.

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I think it is really cool to

I think it is really cool to see more and more women getting into hunting.  My wife goes hunting, she reallt likes goose and antelope hunting.  She will alot of times go out with our friends if I cannot go.  While I like having her there it is also nice to get away wihout her.