Woman Punches Bear in Nose to Save Fudge the Dog

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Black bears are a common occurrence in Juneau Alaska. Brooke Collins came home and let out her dogs and the dachshund Fudge immediately started barking. Collins stated it was one of the worst sounds she has ever heard. She looked and saw a large black bear crouching down with Fudge in its paws, and was biting on the small dog. Collins said the bear was holding the dog like a salmon in its mouth. Without really thinking about it Collins acted, she ran over and punched the bear in the nose to save her dog. She says that was not a smart thing to do, but she didn't want her dog to die. She wasn't really thinking, and probably would not do it again. Her boyfriend was there and came out when he heard the yelling. He said the bear looked surprised after being punched and went off into nearby brush.

Collins is afraid this bear has become too unafraid of humans, as she has seen it around before. Her opinion of the bears has changed after the recent attack on her dog. The bites were not bad enough for vet attention. From BostonHerald.com.


hunter25's picture

I'm glad this coice of action

I'm glad this coice of action worked out so well for her but it could have turned out very badly instead. I can say for sure right now that faced with a similar situation I would probably run for a gun quick, but I for sure would not be running out to give the bear a punch in the nose. I have had pets that I loved but I would not risk my life for them.

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Yeah, it is amazing how

Yeah, it is amazing how stupid people become in a moment of panic.  I do love my dog, but I would think long and hard before I hit a bear on the nose.  I don't know if she was being brave, stupid, or what.  For sure, at the very least, she was a little uneducated about what exactly she was taking on.

You would think that if she had seen the bear around before, she should have called the proper authorities before it got to this point. 

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Pretty brave, but I may do

Pretty brave, but I may do the same thing if a bears had one of my labs like that.  I think she better watch out that bear mat come back for revenge, especially if the other bears her it got beaten up my a girl...LOL!

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Lady loves that dog

Amazing how people can put themselves in such dire situations to save a pet.  I'm not judging but I try to remember my dog, is still a dog regardless of how much we have bonded.