Woman Injured Shooting at Raccoon

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According to the Democrat-Herald a woman decided to take matters into her own hands when a raccoon was harassing her cats. Unfortunately her intended retaliation didn't go off quite as planned.

A deputy went to the hospital and the woman described how she was sitting at home when she saw a raccoon outside. The raccoon had been “harassing” her cats. She decided she would shoot it. She aimed her .25 caliber Beretta, pulled the trigger, and shot off a “substantial portion” of her left middle finger, according to the deputy. Asked if she had been drinking, the woman told the deputy, “one beer.”


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NOW I understand!

I totally blame the cat, because raccoons you know are innocent little critters that would never cause trouble! Lol 


I guess the deputy sheriff who went to the hospital must have been there to interview her.  When I read that the deputy had gone to the hospital, I was puzzled trying to figure out how she shot him.  But I guess that doesn’t actually seem to be the case.  There is no arguing that mixing alcohol and firearms is never a good idea.  But based on the lack of any mention of criminal charges being filed regarding the possession and/or use of an unlicensed weapon, she must have a pistol permit.  So she SHOULD know what she was doing while handling a handgun.  


I think her main problem was choosing a short barreled little twenty five caliber handgun instead of a proper firearm, like a twenty plus inch barrel length twelve gauge shotgun with a substantial load of large caliber pellets for dealing with those masked varmints!


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Alcohol and stupity, mixed

Alcohol and stupity, mixed with a weapon, are never a good thing.  Unfortunately, you'll have the nutjobs that will try to use instances like this to show that we can't be trusted as gun owners.

What was this women thinking?  I wonder if the racoon laughed as he walked away..... Wink