Wolves Two Weeks Off Endangered List, Sheriff's Deputies Authorized to Kill in Idaho

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In endangered species' history, the wolves are the first to be removed from the endangered species list by Congressional action rather than scientific review. In Idaho law enforcement has been given the go ahead with problem wolves - the ones who are attacking livestock, pets, and elk. A pack of about 7 wolves has been targeted near Elk City. This pack has no fear of humans, which has scared the residents of this small town. Wolves are also blamed for reducing the number of elk herds.

From Reuters; Federal safeguards were officially lifted from the estimated 1,200 wolves in Idaho and Montana on May 5, the same day Idaho began selling permits for wolf hunts. The two states are seeking to kill hundreds of wolves, mostly through licensed hunting. Montana last week set its quota at 220 out of 550 wolves and Idaho is considering the same quota for its 700 wolves.


government involvement with

government involvement with species protection seems to be a joke... they reintroduce invasive species and then wonder what happened to the natural species or can't control the reintroduced population.

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I agree is the wolves are

I agree is the wolves are endangering people or livestock and yes even if they are harassing elk to the point where it puts a herd in dangers then yes my all means they need to be dealt with in the most agessive way we can.

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honestly, if i was living in

honestly, if i was living in a location where community members had a real and serious fear of wildlife, i would call a town or township meeting so we could "decide" what to do about the problem. really it would be a combination of efforts petitioning the federal government for aid in removing the wolves, and then of course... manually removing them ourselves.

it's my personal belief that the government's power should stop when it's not acting in the best interest of its citizens.

but, i'm no politician, i'm a worker.

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Problem wolves threatening

Problem wolves threatening people should have already been dealt with and mot had to wait for this new legislation to change things.

I wish I was able to be one of the lucky hunters heading out soon with a wolf tag in their pocket looking for success as a wolf is one of the animals highest on my list to hunt some day. A canadian hunt looks to be far out of my price range and probably for most of these guys also.

Good luck to everyone hunting them and hopefully this year will out an end to the bad management that has caused all the problems with the wolves in the first place.