Wolves Too Close for Comfort

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Jackson Hole is home to a large variety of wildlife. Deer and elk are the ones that residents like having around, but it is not surprising that with so many of these tasty animals around that there are predators. Bears, mountain lions, and more recently, wolves have all come to Jackson Hole.

Three to four wolves have been roaming the subdivisions in the Jackson Hole area. If the wolves have made the residential areas their territory, and are not threatened by humans, there could be some serious issues. The U.S. Fish and Game Service are going to try and tranquilize the wolves, and then give them a lethal injection.

Others think this is too soon and too rash a decision. Suzanne Stone, northern Rockies representative for Defenders of Wildlife, said she’s disappointed that Fish and Wildlife Service managers haven’t tried hazing the wolves away. They could shoot non lethal bullets at the wolves in efforts to scare them away.

Residents of the Indian Trails subdivision have seen the wolves. They don't believe that the wolves have become habituated to humans, the wolves seem to stay as far away as possible, but are using bridges in some properties to get around. Some residents are sad for the wolves' situation but trust U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wolf manager Mike Jimenez's decision as being the best all around.

Jiminez says that hazing the wolves does not work, as they just stay out of range.

“We don’t think it’s appropriate for healthy wolf management to have wolves expanding into housing developments,” Jimenez said. “We’ve been watching it for a month and what we see is that it’s progressing in the wrong direction.” From JHNewsandGuide.com.