Wolf Tag Sales Down

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In 2009 when Idaho offered wolf tags they sold more than 30,000 tags. It could have been the novelty of the wolf hunt that spurred the high numbers. Now after having wolf tags on the market for two months they have only sold 3,100, which is less than what sold the first day tags were offered in 2009. Hunters now know that wolf hunting is hard work too.

A key to the low sales may be that the hunt details have not been finalized, the quotas have not been set nor has the season, what hunter is going to buy a tag with all these unknowns. The costs should not be a deterrent where a resident can get a tag for $11.50 and a non-resident $186. Fish and game officials hope to have all the information for the wolf season by the end of this week. From MagicValley.com.


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I understand

I am a bit surprised the sales are SOOO low, but I think I understand at least a little on what's going on.  The first time something like this is offered, it's a bit of a novelty and everyone wants to get in on it.  Secondly, there's the fear that this will be a one time thing and if they don't do it now, they never will get the chance again.

I believe the unknowns have a little bit to do with the lack of sales but not all that much.  I'm guessing that people found that wolf hunting was very hard work.  But with that said, if I was a resident, I can't imagine going into the field without the tag.  What is $11.50?  In Seattle, that's less than four latté’s.  It's a bargain in anyone's state.  I'd love to see Washington open a season on them.  I don't know that I've ever seen a wolf in the wild here in Washington, but if they offered tags for eleven bucks, you can bet yer bippy, I'd have one in my pocket.  It's only a matter of time that we get the big dogs here in this state.  If they are in the panhandle of Idaho, they will soon be here in the North Cascades.

A wolf is high on my "want" list.  I'd love to have a wolf rug in my trophy room.  And I'm assuming that if the hunts are legal in Idaho, that we could bring the hide back and have it taken care of.  I think it's pretty complicated to bring one across the border if taken in Canada, eh?  Not to mention how difficult it is to take your rifle up there.

It will be interesting to see if sales on tags picks up after they finalize the seasons and regulations.  I hope someone keeps us informed.


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I'm with Smitty here as I

I'm with Smitty here as I would have been one of the first ones in line when the tags went on sale. It makes no sense even with all the rules not finalized that they have sold so few as compared to before. Possibly a lot of guys are thinking that the hunts will be stopped again and they won't get thier money back or something. But come on as a resident you only have to skip one good lunch adn you will have the tag in hand and the chance to make a dream come true. At least a dream of mine anyway. With all the hype the last few months there was enough publicity to get everyones attention that the seasons would open up again.

I do hope to get a wolf one day but not sure where it will happen, as a non resident I would probably go to Canada where my chances should be much higher but again as  a resident you better get down there and get a tag while you can.

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I would love to hunt a wolf. 

I would love to hunt a wolf.  If i have time or money i will try and get up there.  I don't care if i tag a wolf, but to say i hunted a wolf would be a topic i would like to talk to anyone about. 

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Non residents should also

Non residents should also know that even if they don't buy a wolf tag, they can use their deer of elk tag on bears and mountain lions.  Starting this year they can also be used on wolves.  I personally expect that tags sales will increase as seasons get closer.  Show your support and show the antis that we can successfully manage wolves and generate needed revenue for management in the process.

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Wolf tags

Then there is still the threat that Molloy will again rule against sound wildlife management, the will of the people, Congressional action, etc, etc...