Wolf Season Resumes in Idaho

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After a year of closure due to trials in court, wolf season is officially ready to resume again in Idaho. Wildlife biologists do not believe that the quota set to be harvested will have enough impact on the population to cause the wolves to be listed again.

Hunting wolves is a lot harder than other big game. Wolves are intelligent and crafty animals, a lot of times the ones that get shot aren't the hunters' intent, but they come upon the wolves while hunting other big game, deer or elk. Wolves' home grounds can cover several hundred miles, making it hard to find them.

There are strict rules on the wolf hunt. Those hunting wolves must have specific tags designated for wolves, and in order to manage and control the amount of wolves that are killed, hunters may only buy two tags per calendar year. Any wolves that are harvested must be documented by the Department of Fish and Game, and the hunter will have to bring the wolf's hide and skull for documentation. Finally, each section within Idaho has been designated limits for the amount of wolves that can be harvested in that area. Once that quota is reached, wolf season is officially closed in that area.

Two years ago when the first wolf hunt in Idaho's history occurred, 240 were harvested. So far for this season there have been 30 tags sold. It is expected this season's total will be similar to 2009 numbers. From Shoshone News Press.


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yeah we do hear about wolf

yeah we do hear about wolf hunt seasons taking place but we never really do hear about how the hunts have gone and how many have been killed or atleast seen.  I wonder if the states try to keep it as quite as possible as not to get all the PETA type groups all worked up over it. 

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Yeah, it would be nice to

Yeah, it would be nice to have an update as to how the wolf hunt is going in Idaho!  Glad to see that it survived the court challenges, and is off to a good start again this year. 

It's a great opportunity for the hunters in Idaho to help manage the wolf population, and directly affect the elk and deer poulation too.

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I believe this season is

I believe this season is underway now so I'm waiting for some reports to start coming in. It's a little surprising that nothing has been posted anywhere yet that I have seen. It's too far to go and the chances too slim of getting one for someone like me to head up there but I was a little sirprised to see that only 30 tags had been sold at the time that this was posted. I would have thought that nearly everyone would have picked up a tag in the chance that they might be one of the lucky ones able to get a shot off.

Hunting and killing a wolf is near the top of my dream list but I'm sure it will eb quite a while longer before I ever get the chance. Good luck to anyone up there that has a tag in thier pocket.