Wolf Reintroduction Considered for Elk Control in Colorado

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Baca National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado is home to a growing population of elk. The elk are one of the largest mammals in the park, their population continues to grow, and the ecosystem is hurt by their large numbers. Elk are known to stay in one area, then over-use that area until it becomes useless to other animals.

Federal officials are working on a better way to manage the elk herds. One of four ideas that was presented is introducing wolves. Using Yellowstone National Park as a guideline for the wolf reintroduction; wolves were brought in to break up and move elk herds throughout the park. Introducing wolves to the picture has not been well supported, with stiff opposition from hunters and ranchers. Another thing to consider is how other states that had wolves reintroduced are currently struggling to manage and keep them under control.

There is no fast fix for the elk growth. With the four ideas being presented for elk control, officials do not expect to make a decision until 2014. For right now officials are planning to continue with hunting as a tool to manage the elk herds. Once there was talk of using wolves to control the elk herds in Rocky Mountain National Park, however the idea was shot down, and they use sharp shooters to help with the elk management. From The Billings Gazette.


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  HELL NO to any wolves being


HELL NO to any wolves being introduced in Colorado!!! Did the officials not learn from the mess in Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming etc.? If you want that elk herd cut down in size then let hunters do it. You can control the numbers very easy and know for sure you took the amount and type of animals you wanted to be taken. With wolves they take what they want, when they want and as many as they want. Then they will move on to the next area and do the same. If we have an elk problem solve it by having hunters take the game. Seem maybe we have a management or politically correct issue rather than an elk issue. Look at Rocky Mountain National Park, hired sharp shooter to cull elk instead of allowing hunting? Instead of the state and park making a few bucks it costs the tax payers thousand. Two simple solutions are; sell more tags or extend the length of the seasons to give hunters a longer/better chance at harvesting more elk.


I agree i live in MN and you should see the damage that these wolves do on game both big and small. Look at our moose population the DNR says its falling.  Have they ever taken a min to look how the population of wolves is growing. All i can say is i hope the STATES DNR starts letting us hunters shoot the wolves because there killing everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If the other states like colorado are looking at the wolves as a way to control elk numbers send out more elk tags dont bring in wolves look how they are killing more then they were planned on killing(eating) in yellowstone.     when in comes to wolves in colorado PLEASE VOTE NO

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I will agree with

I will agree with WishIwashunting here and add a hell no to it as well.

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Please no!  Hunting could

Please no!  Hunting could adequately manage elk populations in the refuge.  I really don't want Colorado do have to deal with the same headeaches related to wolves that Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and other states are already dealing with.  I think wolves will eventually establish populations within the state on their own given the protections that they have.  We really don't need to speed that process, and simulataneously waste thousands of tax payer dollars in the process.