Wolf Protesters Arrested in Oregon

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Last week Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced they were going to kill two wolves from the Imnaha Pack. This would leave only 2 remaining wolves in the pack, which does not give the pack very good odds of survival. The wolves that were ordered to be killed are responsible for over 14 livestock kills in the last couple years. The wolf population is growing in Oregon, and some of the Imnaha pack moved into Idaho and other parts of Oregon.

However wolf activists believe that ranchers are being heard and represented better than the wolves and the wolf supporters. Two activists actually took u-shaped bike locks and put them around their necks, attaching themselves to the doors of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offices.

Police removed the door handles before handcuffing the two protesters. They were taken into custody on misdemeanor charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct and obstructing governmental administration, said Lt. Gregg Hastings, an Oregon State Police spokesman. From Chron.com.


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14 livestock kills and they

14 livestock kills and they are just now taking care of this problem? Hello tax payers we paid for those cattle because of these wolves killing them. Even thou ranchers get some compensation it is not full price for sure. As for the protesters, I say leave them on the doors until they fall off or better yet capture the wolves in question and feed these two folks to them. Bet they will not be so anxious to help the wolf then. Sounds like there is a storm brewing in Oregon as their wolf packs expand. I am sure this is not the last we will hear on this.

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I too would have left them

I too would have left them attached to the door and then just used another door if possible.  See how long they wanna sit there for their cause, which I am sure theyn would not be able to hold out for too long and by then the troublesome wolves would have already been taken care.  I guess two wolves is more important than 14 head of cattle to some landowners.  People like these just do not relalize the damage that these wolves create on wildlife and livestock.  These landowners loose alot of the lively hood when the wolves take there wildlife.  I once thougfht that some states reimburshed landowners for wolf kills on live stock I wonder if that still goes on.  These two need to be taken out to an elk kill site after some wolves kill and elk and live it to rot.  Let them site there chained to to it for awhile and see how like the smell and maybe the grizzlies coming to the smell, or maybe the wolves coming back to have a feast.

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Just another couple of crazy

Just another couple of crazy misguided and cleless people without any idea about the reality of life. I'm sure they know very little or nothing at all obout wolves but like the feel good they get out of stupid actions like this.

Lock them up for awhile and then give them the bill for any other domestic animals killed by wolves in the future.

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  I would leave them locked


I would leave them locked to the door!  I am all for free speech but you know I would have just let these two stay there locked to the door.  If they were stupid enough to lock themselves to the door I would have searched them and when I found the key I would have confiscated it and let them sit there for at least 24 hours.  When they had to go to the bathroom I bet they would have a different idea of what to do next time for their "free speech".

Hoof weight price for beef is around $1.11 to $1.25 plus or minus for what the current market is at.  I don't know what exact livestock was killed (the link to the original article is not specific either) but 14 animals could add up to a whole lot of money taken out of the pocket of a farmer - even if it was over 2 years.  And to them every dollar counts.  Oregon DOW gave these wolves 2 years of chances to find the food elsewhere.

Non-lethal methods were tried and did not work.  And the wolf kill program there in Oregon is a joint program between the state and wildlife activists - per the article.  The placment of wolves in Oregon is also a joint funded operation between state and wildlife activist groups.  It doesn't sound like these two young adults did their homework but rather just wanted publicity for their cause.

I hope the judge sends a message and they sit in jail for a while and/or pay a good fine - and the fine money goes to the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife.

Sorry for the rant people but this kind of stuff just irrates me.  Can you tell?!?!





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These people really do not

These people really do not get how much people lose when they lose some of there livestock. This is what makes there family thrive. This is why we are at the top of the food change.

It is not like they want to kill all the wolves just the ones that are causing trouble. It would probably be a differant story if the wolves would have done something to them or taken something from them.

Some people just don't think that way.

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Well, I think contrary to the

Well, I think contrary to the statement of the wolf supporters, the wolves are being heard loud and clear.  What they are saying is "Thanks for the yumyy cattle".  Man, it's amazing how these people with idolize these critters, and even put their needs and survivals avbove that of human beings. 

It's not like they are going out into the far reaches of the back country to go after a few wolves who have been keeping their own distance.  These are problem wolves that have killed over a dozen cattle, and who knows what they could move on to next.  Heck, they're lucky they haven't been shot by the farmers yet, by protecting their cattle.