Wolf Pack Confirmed in Northern Oregon

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Wolves originally introduced into Yellowstone continue to expand their range with the potential of eventually moving into southern Washington. Wildlife officials confirmed that more Rocky Mountain wolves are moving west and setting up camp in Oregon, with a confirmed pack in Umatilla county. The East Oregonian has the full report.

Wolves are now living in northern Umatilla County, a state wildlife official confirmed today. Mark Kirsch is the Umatilla District wildlife biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. He said more than one Northern Rocky Mountain gray wolf has settled in the Walla Walla River/Mill Creek system. "When we say more than one wolf, I think we're pretty confident we have no less than three," Kirsch said.


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Very interesting how quickly

Very interesting how quickly their range can expand.  It says maybe 3 wolves, but give a couple litters of 6 or 7 little ones, and that can become a pack of 20 pretty quickly.

Hey Numb, what are they figuring for an impact on the big game herds there?  Have they even addressed it yet???


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Since there isnt very many yet they have really touched on that subject to much, i read an article on the odfw site that there now starting to look into it, theres more of a problem with cougars in NE oregon killing off the deer and elk. the largest population of cats is in NE oregon, I have a buddy with a visoe of a pack of cats hunting a herd of elk in the walla walla unit.

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this isnt new to me, I've had

this isnt new to me, I've had hunting buddies hunting that unit say they have seen and heard wolfs in there for years. jkust a matter a time before they confirm wolfs in western oregon as I have seen atleast 2 in the coast range. I reported them to the odfw but they said there wasnt wolfs that far west, I disagree, i know what a darn wolf looks like.