Wolf Delisting in Montana and Idaho Imminent

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A lawsuit settlement between the Department of the Interior and wolf advocates appears to allow the delisting of wolves in Montana and Idaho. However Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, and Utah will still remain under the Endangered Species Act. Presumably if the settlement is finalized, Idaho and Montana will be able to allow wolf hunting under each state's own wildlife management programs. The Los Angeles Times has a write up on the settlement.

"For too long, wolf management in this country has been caught up in controversy and litigation instead of rooted in science, where it belongs. This proposed settlement provides a path forward," said Deputy Interior Secretary David Hayes. Court documents detailing the proposed agreement were filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Montana.


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It's about time

It's about time agencies look at this issue through clear glasses.  For far too long, the antis and animal lovers have controlled this issue.  I'm glad to see that science is finally coming into the picture.

I grew up in Idaho and never saw a wolf.  I moved to Washington and in all my years in the woods, have only seen one, and that was 25 years ago.  But times have changed, and so has the wolf population.

I have a friend that lives in the little Idaho town I grew up in.  His family has a ranch in the mountains and over the past decade, the wolf population has grown to an alarming number.  He and his brother hunt elk and deer every fall and he told me the number of wolf-killed animals is horrible.  He said they find animals that have been killed but not eaten.  The wolves are a blood thirsty animal and will kill for the joy of it.  My friend says that even though the law protects them, ranchers in the area shoot them on sight. 

I am glad to see Idaho and Montana taking a step to control the numbers and at the same time, provide a great hunting experience for some residents.

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Very good to see.  This has

Very good to see.  This has been a long time coming.

Hopefully they will be able to have a nice, controlled season ont hem.  Everyone will see that wolves can be controlled, an most importantly, not wiped out, by scientific based hunting.

These antis see all hunters as wanting to kill, kill, kill.  Just look at the comments, although it is the LA times.

We almost wiped out the elk, buffalo, and deer from m any states.  However, we learned from our mistake, and today, even with hunting seasons, populations of most species continue to climb. 

I think we, as hunters, know best how to control our animals.


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If this gets finalized and

If this gets finalized and signed like it should we can finally get back to business and leagally start to ciontrol these guys. Hopefully the other states will follow suit with a plan so this does not happen again. I don't want to have them get started good in Colorado and then have to wait 10 years as they build before we can keep them under control.

I also don't understand why the states like Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are never talked about in these issues as they are having the same problems as the western states. Maybe I'm missing something that sets them apart?

A positive move in the right direction in any case though.

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I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more, Hunter. I'm encouraged to see them talking about things like science and staes managing their own wildlife and the federal government staying out of it, etc. For far too long everything we have heard on this issue (and others) is that the federal government knows best. The idea that someone with a degree in business or law lounging in a fancy office in Washington D.C. knows more about the issue than the conservation officer with boots on the ground is just ridiculuous.

Why hasn't Michigan talked about these issues? Let me assure you, the farmers and hunters are talking about it a lot. But, unfortunately, the lawmakers in Michigan have been controlled by the kool-aid that's been flowing out of Washington for a long time. Since the election last November things have shifted somewhat, but it's still going to be a struggle for us here. Many hunters in the Upper Peninsula saw more wolves than deer last season and heard them howling from different directions at night. That is an indication of how many of them there are up there. I'm just praying that we don't have to have a wolf attack on some child before they finally decide that it's time to do something.