Wolf Delisting Included in New Federal Budget Bill

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A few important wolf management issues developed over the weekend. First Judge Donald Molloy rejected the settlement offer between the Department of the Interior and wolf advocates that would have delisted wolves in Montana and Idaho. Then it appears that Idaho's Mike Simpson was able to get his wolf delisting rider into the budget bill that was negotiated late on Friday. The Bellingham Herald has a write up about both developments.

Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson got his rider delisting wolves in Idaho and Montana into the budget bill that prevented the government shutdown Friday. And it came just in time. On Saturday, U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy of Missoula rejected a settlement between 10 environmental groups and the Obama administration that would have removed wolves from the endangered-species list and allowed Idaho and Montana to resume state management of wolf populations — which included hunting seasons.


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Good luck!!!!! I hope you get

Good luck!!!!! I hope you get the delisting. They keep trying to reintroduce wolves here in Ohio but have not had the numbers to get it approved. I hope they never do.

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Please let this be the start

Please let this be the start of the end of this battle...hope they get delisted and it stays that way for once.

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very, very interesting

I know this isn't the end, as Wyoming still gets cut out, plus Washington, Oregon, Utah and Colorado will eventually have to take up the issue too.  But this may be the beginning of the end of this particular battle for Montana and Idaho.