Wisconsin Police Shoot Large Bear

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Wisconsin is home to a large population of black bears, and now is the time of the year when they are coming out of their winter dens. At the end of March the Department of Natural Resources officers trapped one black bear in Marshfield and relocated it.

On April 9th a number of people called the police to report a large black bear in town. The large black bear was estimated to be around 500 lbs, and had become aggressive towards the residents. He would stand on his hind legs and challenge residents. Police contacted DNR and the DNR told the police to not lose the bear.

Police officers used the means they had on hand to try and trap the bear, as the day progressed into the night they had been unsuccessful at capturing the bear. At 10 pm police officers shot the bear. Concern for residents had to be taken into consideration. The bear shot, is not believed to be the bear that had been trapped and relocated. From The Hudson Star-Observer.