Wisconsin Man Bags Monster Bear

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Lon Feia and his wife own 40 acres on Lakeview Trail on the north side of Lake Mallalieu, Wisconsin. On July 4th of this year Feia spotted a large black bear, and has been anticipating bear season ever since. His neighbors are also aware of this bear, it has left many ruined bird feeders in its wake. Feia was out the first day of bear season, September 7th.

To lure the bear to the 40 acre property, Feia put out food as bait. Then began the month long waiting process. This past Saturday Feia sat for several hours, keeping watch over the bait. He ran into his house for a quick bite to eat, and the bear being a clever bear had taken the bait by the time Feia had returned.

That night Feia was thinking that a bear was getting the better of him and came up with a new tactic for the next day. Sunday Feia decided to put the bait out at noon instead of the early morning. Again Feia waited with his sights on the bait. Around 6 pm the bear showed up. He seemed aware that something wasn't quite right and very slowly creeped within 30 yards of the bait. Feia had wanted to take the bear with his bow, but the distance was not going to work out for him. He used his back-up shotgun loaded with a deer slug. He hit the bear, and then shot again but missed as the bear ran off.

Feia called a couple friends to help track the bear. With night setting in they decided it was better to call it a night, and resume in the morning. At daybreak they were back out and located the dead bear.

The bear’s skull measurements are, unofficially, 16 inches long and nearly 12 inches wide, which would be enough to get it into the Boone and Crockett records.

It measures 7 feet, 2 inches from nose to tail in length, and 6 feet, 10 inches from claw to claw across the front legs.

The Wisconsin record for a black bear is 727 pounds. Feia said his bear actually weighed more than 648 pounds, because its feet were still on the floor when they put him on the hoist scale. They couldn't raise him any higher.

Feia has the meat in his freezer and says it is very good. He is unsure what he is going to do with the bear hide and head, stating it depends on what his darling wife will allow into their home. From Hudson Star-Observer.


What an awesome bear, I would

What an awesome bear, I would love to take a beautiful big bear like that with a bow, has been a long time dream of mine. Thank you for sharing that with us.


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Now that'e a magnificent bear

Now that'e a magnificent bear and I just get more and more jealous every time I read these stories about them. I have not yet taken a bear and I would be very happy with one far smaller that the one this guy just took down. I have a lot of family in northern Wisconsin and I just recently looked into hunting up there and in Michigan due to some other posts but was surprised to find how long it will take me to get the tag. Either of those two states it looks like I will be waiting around eight years or more before I finally get the chance to go. I am going to start building points as the cost to do so is minimal but while I'm waiting I'm going to look at some other options as well. My home state of Colorado and possibly Idaho or even Canada. Places I can go as soon as I want to with a really good chance of getting one.

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Way to Go

Now that's how its done.  Was always my dream to have a nice property with land to hunt.  Have coffee in then kitchen and walk out the back porch to go hunting.  Nice going wtih your tophy bear.  If heard from several hunters that shotgun slugs work very well. 

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That is one heck of a bear.

That is one heck of a bear. In fact thats just the bear I have been holding out for. Well i guess his has a bit lighter muzzle that I want. I want my bear to be jet black from the tip of the nose to it's tail(I'm being very very selective). I wouldn't even mind a 300lbs bear. There sure have been a lot of stories of monster black bears being harvested in the past 2 or 3 years. Thats a good thing. I'm hoping to make it out in the morning to chase a bear I've had my eye on for a few weeks now. I have only tomarrow (the 14th) to hunt with my rifle. Some of the OTC elk hunts start on the 15th and One cannot hunt with a muzzleloader or rifle without a valid elk tag during elk seasons. If I wanted to hunt anymore this weekend I would need to take my bow which would be fun. Congrats to Mr. Feia on the fine bear. If I were him I'd be begging my wife for a rug. I'm fortunate enough to have my wife already say i can make one rug, thats why I'm being picky.

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Ah, he's just a little one.

Ah, he's just a little one. lol

Holy Moly, that's a big bear!!!  There have been some really big guys come out of Wisconsin in recent years.  I think it was just a couple of years ago that there was a 550 pounder or so that was run over in a corn field by a combine.  Plus, another 500+ pounder shot and killed this past fall, if I recall correctly.

I still don't think I could hunt them over bait, but something like that walking into you set-up had to be exciting.  I don't know if I could hold it together. 

Congrats to that gentlemen.  That's something that most of us will not experience in our lifetimes, a 700+ pound bear!

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Congratulations to Lon

Congratulations to Lon on a great hunt, bear and a trophy of a lifetime. I don't care where you are from that is a big bear. I am sure it will make a fine addition to his home regardless if it is a rug or a mount. I my case my wife wants the rug and a full size mount. Not a bad situation to be in for me. Now I am all hyped up for my spring 2012 bear hunt. I know I will not see one that big but still will be very exciting.

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  That is TRULY and


That is TRULY and outstanding bear!  Congrats go to Lon and his persistance in hunting this bear.  Great mindset to ensure you had a shotgun ready with a deer slug just in case!  Hopefully Brigitte is that darling wife and lets Lon get a full mount of this monster!  Great job Lon and my hat is off to you for an excellent harvest!

I do wonder why something wasn't done to allow a correct weighing of this monster.  I would think this kind of animal would warrant ensuring there was a proper weight established.  I don't think it would have matched the record but it would have added a substantial amount with the feet off of the ground.

Anyhow - great animal and an awesome story.




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That is truly a grteat trophy

That is truly a grteat trophy and congrats to the hunter in a great accomplisment.  Makes me really wonder what bthat thing would have weighed had they got it all the way off the ground.