Wisconsin on Its Way to Become 49th State With Concealed Carry

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Currently Wisconsin and Illinois are the only states that have a ban on carrying concealed weapons. The Wisconsin Assembly has moved forward and passed the bill to legalize concealed carry guns with a 68-27 vote. The Governor will need to sign it, and then once published it will take effect on the first day of the fourth month after publishing, so possibly October 1st or November 1st.

To obtain a conceal carry permit will require training and passing a background check. Wisconsin residents must be over 21 years of age.  A 5 year permit will cost $50. The fee will be used for extra jobs, and costs involved for creating the database of permit holders, which is estimated at about $3 million for the first 2 years. The database would not be available to the public under the state's public record law. Permits from other states would allow the holder to carry in Wisconsin as long as they had passed a training class. When carrying a concealed weapon, the holder must have their permit and photo id available. There will also be restrictions on where a concealed weapon can be taken.

Some religious groups and other groups have the right to post signs banning concealed weapons in their buildings. Some churches would like the legislature to rewrite the bill banning concealed weapons from the churches. Private individuals and groups that allow concealed carry on their property would have blanket immunity from any legal liability from that decision. Those who post signs prohibiting concealed weapons would not receive that immunity. This makes it difficult for some in deciding whether to post a sign or not.

Darren LaSorte, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, praised the Legislature for finally acting on the concealed carry legislation. "For the first time, violent criminals are going to have to fear that their next attack might be their last," he said. From JSOnline.


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Good to see Wisconsin going

Good to see Wisconsin going with the concealed carry law.  It's a good thing for personal safety, and personal freedom.  It will be interesting to see how easy it becomes to get a permit to carry concealed, because some states claim they are open carry, but won't ever give out the permit.

It's a step in the right direction, that's for sure.

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Well congratulations to

Well congratulations to Wisconsin for finally getting on board with most of the rest of the country. That only leaves Illinois with nothing at all available. Some of the other states that do have one though make it almost impossible to get one anyway. Colorado is a shall issue state meaning that if you take the class and have a clean record they have to give you the permit. It sounds like the Wisconsin permit will be similar. The strange thing is that Wisconsin was previuosly an open carry state even though very few people took advantage of that law. By comparison the state of Texas does not allow open carry but you can easily det the concealed permit. The great thing is that most of the states that have one will honor my Colorado permit as well. I drove all the way to Florida and back last year on different routes both ways and only had to avoid Illinois on the whole trip.

Once you get used to carrying it becomes a daily habit without even thinking about it.


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Well that is pretty cool. 

Well that is pretty cool.  Good to see some states sticking up forgun right instead of trying to take them all away from us.  I keeo wanting to get my permit but I just nver had, might be a good time for me to look into it.