Wisconsin Issues Record Number of Bear Tags

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An increase in the bear population has prompted Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources to offer more bear hunting permits this year. Bear season goes until October 11th.

Not only are there more bears, but the bears are moving around the state and moving into areas that previously was not considered bear habitat. Typically the bears were found in the northern part of the state, now they are being found in the south as well. The population has grown to a point where the bears are moving into new areas and spreading out.

"There could be only so many bear in one area, they're not going to live in family groups forever, it's only while they're young," explains Warden Supervisor Randy Falstad. "And then the mama bear's going to kick the younger bears out. There's no territory for them to go, so they need to find a place to spread out into so they're going to areas where there aren't bear where they feel they can live in."

The DNR reminds people to not leave garbage out or bird feeders, which will attract bears. From WSAW.com.


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I keep reading these stories

I keep reading these stories about the black bear hunting in Wisconsin and have been very surprised. I grew up in northern Wisconsin and although I knew there were some around I only saw them on a couple of occasions. I have a friend that is hunting them right now in southern Wisconsin with his son and learned they have a very large population in his area. They actually had pictures of iver 20 different bears coing in to the bait. So far his son has managed to scare away or miss at every chance he has gotten though. I never considered the state as a place to look into for getting my first bear but I may have to contact some of the family and see what options I have.

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Well, I would guess they have

Well, I would guess they have a heck of a population of black bears.  Great opportunity for Wisconsin hunters, with these increased permits.

Tough to deal with them once they start moving into more populated areas, or as they said, places not normally considered bear habitat.  Sounds like a good management program will go a long way towards keeping the numbers under control.

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Seems to me we are seeing and

Seems to me we are seeing and hearing more and morwe about the bear population.  I wonder if some of the new laws referring to not allow baiting has increased some numbers.  I am not sure qabout the regulations in Wisconsin though.  Glad to see they are stepping up to try and control what could be a huge problem later.