Wisconsin Introduces Bill to Entice Hunters

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Wisconsin Republicans have created a bill that will hopefully entice more hunters, fishermen and trappers to the sports, but also saving other sportsmen money. The bill that was presented would reduce the costs of hunting/fishing licenses for first timers or for those who have not participated in over a decade. It also allows the applicant to name a referral, and that person would save $20 on their licenses.

The measure has other items as well, such as creating an adult only hunting trapping education class, a free ice fishing weekend and it would establish a 15-member outdoor sports retention task force. Dean Hamilton is president of the United Sportsmen of Wisconsin. He says he can't imagine anyone opposing the measure. From Chicago Tribune News.


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Cool to see the WI DNR trying

Cool to see the WI DNR trying to do something. The discount and referal system might just help get more folks into the woods. Not only is it good for hunting but for the local economy as those new hunters will pump some serious cash in to it.   

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I love all these new programs

I love all these new programs coming out in many different states. This could be just the thing to get new people to try it out or others to get back in. I know of many people who have been interested but shy away when they find out how much everything can end up costing. But I'm sure that many would love it and continue if they just took that first step in trying it out.

Now if this new law would apply to non residents as well it just might get me to head back up there and hunt with the family as it's been about 25 years since I've held a Wisconsin hunting permit.

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Maybe Colorado could be next for this

This is a great idea.  Give folks a break to try it out.  If they like it, they'll be a repeat customer for years to come.  Maybe we should be letting our state's DOW office know we think this is a great strategy for building, or re-building as the case may be, a strong hunting tradition going forward.

The other great incentive that Colorado does pretty well is providing reduced costs and great opportunities for youth.  I'm not familiar with Wisconsin's regs with regard to youth, but based on the above press release, they probably have some pretty good programs for youth as well.


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Very cool.  As alot of us

Very cool.  As alot of us have said, it's always great to see them try to get new people into the sport of hunting.  However, I like how Wisconsin has taken the extra step, and included people who have not hunted in 10 years.  These people have been bitten by the bug before, and for whatever reason, got out of it.  Maybe all they need is a nudge back in the right direction.

It seems that the great lakes states have  been pretty busy passing laws like this lately.  Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota all are on the right track. Kudos to the lawmakers there!

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I believe this is all part of

I believe this is all part of GOV. Walkers plan to get more hunters in the woods. This year he is hiring Dr. James Krull (Dr. Deer) to come up to WI after the season and give a detailed plan/report on the season and how to make some changes. The sale of hunting license have dropped 9% in the last decade most of it is believed to be on the DNR mis-managing the deer herd, thus making hunters so mad they don't want to hunt any more. I can personally attest to this, I have only been hunting for 17 yrs now and have seen a dramatic difference in the deer herd and the way the DNR has managed it. Some believe that it was all due to politics. When our Democrat Governor was in office his main contributor to his campaign was insurance companys. Well he then passed a bill to make the head of the DNR an appointed position instead of an elected one. So then the Govenor hand picked that person. Once all that was done we then seen all the changes with the deer herd, like earn a buck, where you have to shoot a doe in order to get a buck tag. That really killed the deer herd. All because the insurance companys had too many deer collison claims and wanted more deer shot in the state. Or at least thats the theory behind it

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Sounds like it could be a

Sounds like it could be a step in the right direction in getting more and kore pweople in the woods and outdoors.  But I to agree that the state is not gonna wanna loose some money over this.  makes me wonder if the will raise some fee on other things to try and make up the money, but still a good idea.

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This sounds good in theory.

This sounds good in theory. However I don't really seeing the Government wanting to loose the additional revenue from discounted licence fees and the referral program. As a hunter and outdoorsman I would love this bill. I'm always up for saving money on my hobbies. I'm sure my wife would like it too. In my home state they did something a little different. They created a resident sports pac taht gives you all of your hunting and fishing licences as well as a tag for deer, elk, bear, cougar, and spring turkey. For fishing they give you tags for all the fish that require a tag. All of this for $165 which is $90 cheaper than buying them indivualy. We also offer a couple free fishing weekends. For the sportsmans sake I hope this bill passes and does what its intened to do and bring more people to the outdoors.