Wisconsin Hunters Targeted in Kettle Moraine State Forest

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A father and his son were deer hunting in Kettle Moraine State Forest in Walworth County, Wisconsin. Both were dressed in the appropriate blaze orange for their day in the woods. They saw a man in camouflage in a hunter style face mask. He raised a handgun and shot towards the father/son hunt team. The father thought the man was aiming at them, and had shot close enough to scare him. He raised his .30 caliber rifle and shot back towards the masked gunman.

There were no words during the altercation. The father and son were uninjured, it is unknown whether the gunman with the handgun was injured or not.

Walworth County Sheriff David Graves says the incident is highly unusual and wants the public to be feel safe when using the state forest. If anyone sees anything unusual, they should call the Sheriff's office immediately.

The incident Saturday happened around 8:25 in the morning. After the hunter called in, portions of the state forest were closed off. An investigation and search started right away and the search continued until 3:30 pm. The investigation continues, so far all evidence has backed up the hunter.

Graves' office on Monday appealed to the public, asking anyone with information or who might have been in the forest that morning to step forward. Since there is no known motive for the attack the hunters' identities are not being released at this time. From Walworth County Today.