Wisconsin Farm Bureau Wants to Delist Gray Wolves

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The number of gray wolves in Wisconsin is double the proposed number of wolves. With wolves still being protected; farmers, pet owners, all citizens are unable to shoot the wolves legally. In 2010 there were over 100 wolf attacks on livestock, and pets.

The wolves have been protected since the late 60s in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. By delisting them the states' Department of Natural Resources will be able to instill their own management plans, and help control the numbers. The proposed number was 350, currently there are around 700 wolves.

Wisconsin's Farm Bureau is accepting public comment until July 5th, then they are sending their proposal to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Recently congress approved the delisting of gray wolves in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Utah, from Fdlreporter.com.


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Like the actual wolf numbers,

Like the actual wolf numbers, the call to delist them will continue spreading across the country.

I knew there were wolves in thart area, but 700?  Geez, seems to me they have thrived.  Like the other states, I think a managed hunting plan would be beneficial to the people and the wolves.

More than 100 attackes on livestock and pets?  Something has to be done.