Wisconsin Expecting Big Bear Season

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Wisconsin's bear season opens Wednesday for those hunting with hounds. Hunters with dogs have a week advantage on other bear hunters. Areas A, B and D are the only areas that allow bear hunting with dogs. The season runs through October 11th.

The DNR has sold 9,005 bear tags, with a quota of 5,235, the same as last year. Hunters who harvest a bear are required to give a bear tooth and a 2 inch piece of bear rib at time of registration. This is used for an ongoing study on the bear population.

A bear biologist for the DNR says excitement is high. Some hunters have sent in pictures of bears taken with trail cams at their bait stations. It is unknown if this season will be like 2010, but there is potential. Last year was a record bear harvest for Wisconsin, and 3 bears were harvested that weighed over 700 lbs. From The Leader-Telegram.


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Although I was born in upper

Although I was born in upper Michigan I mostly grew up in Wisconsin and I am amazed at how many bears they have now. I saw a couple when I was a kid in the swamps but nothing like the numbers I'm reading about. One of my old school friends has been out this week with his son sitting over bait but so far have been unable to connect. They have seen some but the boy gets to excited and missed the shot. He told me before the season that they have recorded over 20 bears on the trail cams coming in to the bait. I may have to keep in touch better with this going on. He never was a big hunter but from the sounds of things his son has hte bug very badly and is the one pushing his dad back into it.

Hopefully he can calm down and finally get a good shot on one. I have never had the chance to kill a bear and would love to be sitting up in that tree with him.

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Dogs on black bears?

I wasn't aware you could use dogs to hunt black bears anywhere in the U.S.  Wow a 700+ blackbear is huge and they reported 3!!!  

What are they learning from the tooth surveys?