Wisconsin Driver Smacks Trophy Buck

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Hitting a deer in a moving vehicle is universally considered unlucky, unless you're Brenda Morga of Richland County Wisconsin. Mrs. Morga totaled her $6,000 car but has been offered as much as $10,000 for the buck's head.

The Wisconsin State Journal has the complete story about the buck and the fortunate accident.

The buck stopped but the bucks haven't as Brenda Morga ponders the repercussions from a rural Richland County run-in between her Ford Mustang convertible and a trophy whitetail deer. The buck, weighing more than 300 pounds, has 15 points and a near two-foot chasm between its antler tips and — most remarkably — three rare drop tines...


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Now - that is an odd

Now - that is an odd story...

They recently just made keeping a road kill legal here in South Carolina, it would appear to be very legal in Wisconsin.

Not only did Brenda run over this beast, she also ran over an eight pointer prior to that - I would say she is "hell on wheels" when it comes to antlered deer!

Now - $10,000.00 for the antlers alone - that seems an incredible sum...

This is a magnificent buck - no one would dispute that - but ten grand... that is a lot of cash.

Maybe I am missing the significance of the three drop tines?

Maybe what she should do - and the article alludes to this - it to make a mold and sell replicas herself!

Heck, get an enterprise going!

This is a great story with little downside other than the traumatized child - hopefully that will pass soon.

The only other probable downside is the damaged car and hopefully, insurance took care of that.

Good story BGH - thanks for posting it!

Great deer not so great car

 That is an impressive buck in any hunting area. I am glad there are injuries due to the accident. I have been involved in a deer vs dodge truck accident. Needless to say the dodge truck won. I must have missed something in the story though. I know Tennessee for instance would not allow me to keep and sale that deer especially publicly. I will read back through and see if I over looked something. I too would much rather see that joker harvested by a hunter than have his life ended this way. I do believe everything has a purpose.

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Wow that is a great looking

Wow that is a great looking deer.  I am glad that everyone in the car was fine.  But I sure do hate to see a buck of that magnitude go out like that.  Would much rather see some pictures of it in the field next to a guy in full camo and a bow.

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I guess if you have to hit a

I guess if you have to hit a deer with your car than that is the right deer to hit. She could take advantage of any of the offers on that thing and sell it and make up a bunch of money towards a new car. It is a monster buck but I am a little surprised that anyone would offer quite that much money for it. I mean with broken points and everything, 10,000 dollars is an absolute bag full of money for it. I guess one ladies road kill, really is another man's treasure. It was only a couple weeks ago that I had a monster white tail buck run out in front of my truck while I was going 80 miles per hour in the dark heading out to hunt ducks. He was probably the biggest white tail that I have seen on the front range of Colorado and he was a mear 10 yards or so from becoming tenderized. It is a shame when monster bucks like this get killed by cars. It would have been nice if some average joe could have harvested him.

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Now that's an impressive rack!  Too bad it had to go out like that!

This story just reeks of greed though!  The lady lost a $6,000 car and has been offered $10,000 for the deer.  Why not take that offer and get a comparable car and carry on?  Unless it is one of the big companies (Cabelas or BPS) why would anyone offer $10,000 for a buck's antlers that was killed by a car?  It's not like it is the biggest around!  It even has broken points!

What's more impressive is if you follow the link to the hunting photo contest; there are some real impressive bucks that have been harvested by HUNTERS!


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What if the person that hit

What if the person that hit it actually was a hunter, then it was "harvested by hunters".... lol

Seriously though, I'd take the money, fix the car, and have some nice $$$$ for a vacation, bills, whatever she needs it for.  It truly is a beast, and very sad to see it go out that way.

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Haha, true enough right

Haha, true enough right there.  As everyone was okay, she kind of lucked out in my opinion.  Take the money and run!