Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Seeks Public Input

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Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources bought, what used to be Buckhorn Flats Game Operation in March for $465,000. Buckhorn Flats was a deer farm that first had deer testing positive for CWD in 2002, and was finally shut down in 2006 for mismanagement. Buckhorn Flats had up to 80 deer test positive for CWD. The DNR bought it to ensure the fences were high enough and well maintained to keep other wild deer from getting CWD.

The DNR is holding an open house on July 28th at Almond-Bancroft School to seek input on what to do with the 65 acre property.

DNR has recently adopted a CWD Response Plan to help minimize the number of deer with CWD in Wisconsin. Since 2002, over 1,200 Portage County wild deer have been tested for CWD with no positives. From Wisconsin Ag Connection.


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I commented in another post

I commented in another post about this last week, that I cannot believe how long that the CWD virus can last in the ground of this old deer farm.  It is amazing how hearty it is.

Hopefully they will be able to "weather the storm", so to speak, and keep the CWD from spreading to the rest of Wisconsin.  It seems that as long as they maintain the fence, and keep people from slipping in there and taking any deer out of the quarantine zone, they should be successful.

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I'm not sure all the ins and

I'm not sure all the ins and outs of the disease but since ethe place has been shut down since 2006 and and no deer in the area have tested positive for it I would say things are pretty safe. I would like to see what they end up doing witht the property since they have no intention of letting any deer get close to it. Maybe they could open a pheasant farm or something. That's a lot of money for only 65 acres though so I assume there must be some buildings included as well. Hope it get's used for something good.