Wisconsin Considering Unlimited $2 Anterless Tags

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The Wisconsin DNR is considering significant changes to the 2011 deer season. Among the proposals would be to eliminate the Earn-A-Buck and the antlerless October hunt statewide. To help manage deer herds the DNR would then switch over to an unlimited $2 anterless tag. The Journal Sentinel has a write up on the proposed changes.

In response to criticism from some hunters, the Department of Natural Resources announced plans Thursday to jettison two fundamental planks of its recent deer management program - Earn-A-Buck and the October antlerless hunt - for the 2011 season. "We've heard the concerns of hunters, including votes on issues presented by the Wisconsin Conservation Congress," said Kurt Thiede, DNR land administrator. "There has been a substantial dislike for some of the regulations we've used over the last decade."


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Don't see much of a problem

Don't see much of a problem with this.  Nebraska has unlimited tags during their October doe season, and I think they are only $5 each.  And, their population is still increasing.

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Yeah I too think that they

Yeah I too think that they would work on their wolf probem before thy would worry about there too many deer problem which in my book is not the worst problem that a state can have.  Hopefully the wolf will not take care of their deer problem for them.

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Chuch-n-alaska, i was

Chuch-n-alaska, i was thinking the same thing. If there wanting to have unlimited doe tags they must have one heck of a deer herd. and the wolfs must not be a problem(yet). Out my way you have to apply for a doe tag and you might draw one every 3-4 years. buck tags you can get OTC. Our deer herds are doing pretty good exept in eastern oregon where our mule deer numbers are falling, those tags are draw only. I wish we had OTC or unlimited doe tags, man i could shoot a few every day, We have a lot of doe's.  I hope this program works out for you guys/gals in wisconsin. And could someone from wisconsin tell me why you didnt like the earn a buck program? I thought it was a pretty darn good idea.

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With 800+ wolves they may

With 800+ wolves they may want to reconsider, maybe one tag for each wolf the hunter takes.

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 I wouldn't hold my breath on

 I wouldn't hold my breath on that one, Chuck.

To me, this statement is very instructive: "Providing four free antlerless tags per day in the CWD zone".

 It looks to me like they are definitely determined to wipe out the her in that zone and start over. I'm not sure that it will work, because from what I've read, the prions that are responsible for the spread of CWD stays in the soil for a long time. Unless they completely remove the herd from that area and keep it free of deer for a while, the problem may simply come back when deer are re-introduced.

 I always thought that Earn-a-Buck policy was a good one, too. Of course, I don't hunt there, so I'm only looking at it from the outside. But if their herd is up 17.5% from previous years, maybe they need to reduce it drasticallly. It will be interesting to watch and see what happens.