Wisconsin Concealed Carry Certified With Hunter's Safety

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In November Wisconsin's concealed carry will take effect. The new law comes with some concern, specifically from the state wildlife officials. To have a concealed weapon permit, one must pass a Department of Natural Resources established class. Hunter safety falls into this category, so a person that completes hunter safety is allowed to apply for a concealed carry license under the state law. The Department of Natural Resources does not believe that hunter safety class really covers the training that concealed carry deserves. They are two completely different classes that cover different types of weapons.

DNR spokesman Edward Culhane has doubts. He says hunter-education classes aren't an appropriate substitute for concealed-carry training. He says there's a difference between hunter safety and self-defense, and also between firing rifles or shotguns and firing handguns. From WEAU.com.


hunter's safety is lousy for concealed carry.

Hunters safety is just a loop hole in to getting your concealed permit. plus it doesnt prepare you for any of the laws that can charge you for using your gun with just a hunters saftey class under your belt. If you pull out a gun on someone for "safety purposes", you can get seriously charged. It's a backlash for using hunters saftey as a way to getting your concealed. Happened to a buddy of mine. HS doesnt protect you. It's really just meant for hunting. taking the actual class required for the wisconsin permit protects you from any of the laws that could charge you from using HS to get your permit. I took my class at e2c like hammerhead and it covers me completely. Im making my wife take it next.

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 I have watched this one

 I have watched this one coming for a while now and am happy to see Wisconsin join the list of states with a shall issue type system. I completely agree that a different type of class should be offered as there is just no comparison between a hunting license and a concealed permit. I don't think it's an issue of people getting angry and pulling down on each other but it's just that people need a clear understanding of when and where they should or can carry. Every state is different and you can get into trouble very easily if you don't know your laws. I've been carrying for two years now here in Colorado and can say for sure that most long time hunters have no clue the laws concerning concealed carry. They are all good guys but could easily get into trouble with no bad intentions just because they don't know the laws. For instance anyway it is legal for anyone to carry concealed in their car without a license, if you get out and walk around your in trouble but perfectly legal in your car.

Wisconsin CWP

If you have questions about the new Wisconsin CWP Law contact the Instrcutors at www.e2c.us or 1-866-371-6111 and they will be happy to answer them for you.

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I agre with this.  Being a

I agre with this.  Being a person who carries a pistol for work, some times concealed, I can say that it's totally different than simply learning hunter's safety.

Sure, you will learn to properly handle weapons, but the use of these weapons under certain scenarios is totally different.  Trying to draw a concealed pistol when in a life or death situation is not the same as lining up a shot on a whitetail. 

I think Wisconsin is on the right path, but they need to re-word this law.  Maybe they could offer some combination hunters safety and concealed carry classes, and kill 2 birds with one stone, but to just count one as training for the other is asking for trouble.

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That too me just does not

That too me just does not sound like a good secanrio at all.  For one that could put a pistol in the hands of every hunter out there and then they can just pack it away not seen.  Might see an increase in some hunter to hunter conflicts that could result in a gun being drawn on one another.   I too think that two seperate clsses should be offered.  Hunting and self defense are two different things.  I have heard from others one the main thing that an instructor will hit on in a CWP class is when to draw your weapon and whn not too.  Not too many times in a hunting situation is our life threating by a another human.