Windsor, Connecticut Man Asks for Accelerated Rehabilitation

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John Rocha an 82 year old resident of Windsor, Connecticut, is also a first time offender. He committed the offense on January 4th, when he shot and killed a black bear. The black bear and cub were going through Rocha's neighbor's garbage. Rocha took his .30 caliber rifle and shot the 5-6 year old black bear. The cub was later found, tranquilized and moved. Rocha was charged with illegally killing a black bear, and negligent hunting.

Rocha applied to a court program for first time offenders. Accelerated rehabilitation would keep Rocha from serving any jail time. He has never before used a court program or been in trouble with the law. He had notified conservation officers on January 1st after seeing the bears, and they said they were monitoring them in the area. Rocha will go back to court March 13th, where Judge Howard Scheinblum will either grant or deny his request. From