Wildlife Biologists Offer Hunting Safety Tips in Oklahoma

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The majority of the state of Oklahoma is under a burn ban. So for the start of dove season wildlife biologists are offering some tips to hunters to stay safe and not start any fires. They are not concerned about guns starting fires, the number one cause of concern is cigarettes, followed by car tailpipes. "The gun is probably never going to the be problem," Wildlife Biologists Tom Wyatt said. "If you were shooting a rifle possibly, but not with shotguns."

Another safety precaution is to be aware of other hunters locations. "Most hunters are usually very aware of that but newcomers should always look to others for advice on distances," Wyatt said. From KXII.com.


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Always good to see states

Always good to see states stepping up and looking out us hunters.  Respecially when it comes to out saftey and the community.  Nice job Oklahoma.

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It's good to see Oklahoma

It's good to see Oklahoma taking steps to try and avoid the fire problems like Texas is having. We have gotten pretty used to fire bans here in Colorado as it is the biggest natural threat we have here in the mountains. This year we were okay and actually had one of the wettest years I can remember and I've lived here for over 25 years now. The biggest one that gets me is how many fires are started by people smoking. I smoked for a very long time and it's very easy to be careful and make sure you don't start fires by doing it. Like every thing else you need to be aware of what you are doing and what is around you. Hopefully they can avoid the problems driven by dry conditions like other states. I know California usually get s hit pretty hard as well some years but this is the worst I remember for Texas and New Mexico.