Wildlife Adapts and Survives in Arizona Fires

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Arizona currently has 3 different large fires burning up hundreds of thousands of acres across the state. The Arizona Game and Fish Department does not believe the fires will have a huge impact on the hunting season. More than 30 Game and Fish wildlife officers have been, and still are working with the incident management teams and local law enforcement in support of the firefighting efforts.

All wildlife has their own instilled survival techniques, large animals will migrate out of the area, and it has been seen where small animals can survive a 3000 degree fire overhead by simply burying themselves 6 inches under the surface. From past experience Arizona has noted that the large animals do not migrate very far, they are just trying to escape the fire.

Once the Wallow Fire has been put out, officials will be able to assess the losses, which are a lot less than one would imagine, and help any wildlife that they can. No one should feed the wildlife or try to move the wildlife themselves, if one feels they need help there are numbers to call. Arizona Game and Fish Department has created a website for questions from hunters, anglers, wildlife enthusiasts, etc... www.azgfd.gov/wildfires. From YumaSun.com.