Wild Hog Hunters Doing Their Share

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Texas has a feral hog problem, with numbers ever growing. Right now Texas Parks and Wildlife estimates there are over 2 million wild hogs. They have a rapid reproduction rate, where 4 hogs can multiply to 30 in a couple of years. The state would have to kill one million per year just to keep the population flat. They have no natural predators, and the wild hogs do millions of dollars in damage to land and crops. A visit from wild hogs can leave land looking like a backhoe came in.

Wild Hog Hunters is one of the professional hog hunting companies that was started up to deal with the wild hog problems. David Dell and Mike VanSant of Sherman, Texas created Wild Hog Hunters in 1995, their slogan is "Makin Em Squeal since 95", from Kens5.com.

"You can snare them, shoot them, trap them, hunt them down with dogs, or stab them with a knife," said Dell. With two-million feral hogs, Dell said you can't rely on just one method. Most of the hogs Wild Hog Hunters gets are sold for meat or used for training dogs.


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As I have said before, if

As I have said before, if they truly are worried about the hogs, wanted to control the population, then let hunters walk on their property free of charge, or for a very small access fee. 

However, if they want to keep charging $500 to help "control" the problem, they will never get a hand on it.

Maybe it's not so bad with that in Texas, but in California the wild hogs are the biggest game animal in the state.  They are a commodity, and are treated like one.  Our hunts here usually go for $1000 or so.

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Texas seems to be the best

Texas seems to be the best hog hunting state of all and I have enjoyed hunting there several times now. I have also seen some of the shows on tv about hog overpopulation and the need to get them under control. But from what I have seen all these shows are more about advertising for the hunts down there and other than a few ranchers that truly want them gone the rest see them as a great cash crop to be exploited. Even though you can hunt hogs for far less than deer a ranch can hunt them year round and in the long run actually make more miney as no management program is needed for quality like the deer hunts. Not trying to sound negative as I love hunting them and will continue to do so in the future but I see the cost of hunting them going up and that should be the opposite on an animal they supposedly want to get rid of.

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that's fantastic! i've seen

that's fantastic! i've seen something on TV about one of these hog hunting companies and they used AR15's with thermal imaging scopes. that was pretty sweet!

it would be an excellent job, i'm a little envious that they have escaped the daily grind.

and texas most certainly has a hog problem, but i try to do my part as often as possible. hutning them is so much fun in the off season, and if you shoot some small ones they make some delicious tablefare!