Whitetails Need Help Separating

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A landowner called Nebraska Game and Parks Commission biologist Richard Nelson about two young whitetail bucks that had become entangled during a fight for dominance. The duo were a 2 and 3 year old buck. Nelson was there with a fisheries biologist, Mark Staab. The biologists had to wait for the deer to exhaust themselves before intervening, during the time they were able to shoot some video and wait.

When the bucks were exhausted Nelson got a rope around the smaller buck's leg, and then went to work on the larger buck's antlers with a saw. He got through about 90% and then the antler broke, and the buck ran off. The second one that was roped laid there for about five minutes before getting up and running off. Nelson said the buck was gasping for air.

Both should survive now, unless there was internal damage, or from stress. If the biologists had not stepped in the deer would've most likely succumbed to starvation and exhaustion. From The Omaha World-Herald.


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Great piece of video there. 

Great piece of video there.  See more and more of this every year, I would think beacuse more and more people are carrying cameras and phones around with them so things get captured that used to not.  I am glad that they are being captured and it always shows us hunters as good people as well.  Some guys could just go in a shoot both and be fine with that...I too would rather try to get the seperated and give the fair chance of survival.  Congrats to all parties involved in freeing the deer.

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That seemed to work out

That seemed to work out better than most tangled bucks.  As a young man, I once found a couple of skulls within a couple of feet of each other and wondered if the bucks had died fighting each other.  The horns weren't tangled with each other, and were badly eaten by a porcupine (or something else that like to chew on antlers).  Probably not....

That's great they were able to get them separated without hurting themselves or the deer.  Besides being a one-horned wonder, sounds like they will get a chance to grow up and maybe pass on some genes in the herd.

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I like happy endings!

Seems like the fellows involved in thsi showed good judgement from start to finish.  They were not injured and teh deer beyond beying saved, were not harmed in the process.  And the idea of catching it on video was brilliant!  As noted this was a great story with a happy ending and something that was caught on video that most of us are unlikely ever to see in person. These are lucky bucks to have survived!  We have all seen the end result in pictures of coyote chewed skeletons that are teh unhappy ending of these types of locked up antlers.  This was the first year that I have seen bucks knocking heads together.  That was cool.  good job guys and thanks for sharing the story and the video here on BGH!

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A great story and video. It

A great story and video. It was very fortunate for these bucks that they were spotted like this and able to be helped. Waiting for them to tire and then cutting themapart by sawing the antlers was what I was thinking and probably would have tried myself. I never thought about just trying to shoot them apart like was mentioned. My luck one would jump or lunge a the wrong time and I would end up with a ticket for killing one without a tag or something of I triesd that method. I have seen many pictures of deer not so lucky adn both were found dead days later when it was too late to help them. I remember the picture last year of the three bucks locked together and drowned in a pond also. I have seen muleys fighting several times now but fortunatley have not seen any locked up. Hopefully never do either as I would hate to see them die this way.

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Cool video.  It seems that

Cool video.  It seems that every year there is a video or 2 that pops up involving locked whitetail bucks.  Last year it was the 2 in the ditch, where the guy shoots one with a bow.  Then a couple of years before that, the guy down in Texas, I think, who actually got in close and shot off an antler, seperating the deer. 

I can't say that I have ever encountered this either.  I do have that set of photos in my gallery of the big mulies that were locked together, and it's pretty interesting.  Not sure what I would do if I walked across a couple of bucks that were locked, and I had a tag.  I don't know if I would necessarily feel like a hunter, but heck, it's been 10 years since I got one, so maybe that's God serving me one up on a platter.... lol

Very cool that these young bucks were able to be seperated unharmed.  Hopefully the ordeal didn't stress them out too much, and they will fully recover!

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 An awesome video!  I have


An awesome video!  I have never encountered two bucks locked in battle.  This is great footage of the issue and the work completed to save both deer from definite starvation and soon death.  Both were nice looking bucks that both sported handsome set of antlers.  It would have been a waste to just allow these deer to fight it out and hope to have living bucks afterwards.  Surprisingly the first freed deer was not seen coming back to do some more work on the other lesser buck.  Good to see landowner intervention that got the local wildlife officials involved in separating these two deer.  Hopefully they sire many offspring in the next years and become great trophys for a great hunting story - or two.