What's Happening to the Waterfowl in River Lea?

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A Canadian goose was pulled under the water in London's River Lea, and never returned to the surface. This was surprising to witness Mike Wells as he was watching the goose from a boat on the river. He and a friend were watching the goose, saw it go down, completely vertical and never came back up. He and his friend were left slack jawed. The Canadian goose is a rather large bird, and whatever took it down was the same size, if not larger.

Another incident like this happened in 2005 when River staff saw a Canadian goose taken under. This current case has many wondering what is the goose-eating beast in the river. It could be a mink, a turtle, a pike, an alligator, a python someone released. After the 2005 incident there were large holes found along the bank. Now there are less swans that frequent the river, maybe they fell prey to the mystery beast as well, or just know to find a safer habitat. No-one has reported anything to British Waterways, but we would encourage people to get in touch if they have seen anything.From DailyMail.com.


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when i was younger, i was

when i was younger, i was fishing a small lake right at sunrise. it was summer time, a thick fog covered most of the ground and i could see a little family of ducks swimming away from me, and suddenly one was pulled under and didn't resurface. after a moment, my curiosity peaked and i headed over there to check it out.

a smaller snapping turtle had grabbed the duck, pulled it under and was eating it near the bank of that pond.

it all happened so fast, it weas almost eerie to watch.