Western Montana Elk Licenses Increase

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Due to an increase in elk numbers in Montana hunting districts 204, 210, 211, 212, 214, 215, 216, 261 and 291 there will be 1,335 more B licenses offered this season compared to last season. The spring elk numbers and calf production were up in the western portion of the state. However the hunters who will benefit from this had to apply by June 1st, so it is too late for anyone else to apply for the B license. The B licenses are good for antlerless elk in certain districts.

Some areas of the state are going to have less licenses though because the number of elk are down in the following areas; 282, 285, and 292. The total for these areas are 275 less licenses than last year. From KAJ18.com.


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Nice to see them increasing

Nice to see them increasing some tags in the state.  I always wonder if they hurt themselves and hunters doing that at time.  Increasing the tags great for hunter and the state, but then in a few years they have to start cutting them back just like here in Colorado and like myself its really starting to frustrate me enough to where I may travel to another state to hunt a elk for a year or two just to give myself a break and see what else I could be missing.  Just hard for me to leave a state I have hunted my whole life and I love chasing elk here.

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I was going to say the same

I was going to say the same thing Hunter.  It's great to see them increasing tags, when we've heard about such drastic declineds in other states. 

And not just an increase, but 1300+ tags.  Wow, good year.  should give some people a good opportunity at some elk.

If Montana hadn't messed with their non-resident license fees and stuff, I bet they'd have no problem getting rid of those.

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With all the news of

With all the news of declining numbers in most states or devasted herds from the severe winter conditions last year it's nice to read some good news. I know elk are about the toughest ones out there when it comes to the weather but it's still great to see something came through it well. I lived in Montana for a couple summers and falls when I was a kid and have always wanted to go back for a big game hunt someday. I only plan to hunt antelope or deer on the east side so it would be good to see how the tag breakdown went over there as well as I don't believe they fared so well as the elk did.