West Virginia Town to Open Deer Hunting Within City Limits

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Parkersburg City Council has decided to allow hunting within city limits to help manage their growing deer population. Hunting will only be allowed in certain areas, like at parks, but must be 500 feet from properties that have schools. Some people are concerned, especially parents whose children play in the parks, they don't like the idea of introducing bows and arrows. Details of the hunt are still being determined, it could go a week before and a week after the normal archery season.

City Council President, John Rockhold said "These deer now are becoming dangers. They're also being hit by cars. You never used to ever see a deer within the city of Parkersburg, and now we're seeing that." He doesn't think the hunting will eradicate the deer population, but hopefully greatly reduce it. There is a lot of support, especially homeowners who's gardens are getting eaten by the deer. From Wtap.com.


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I think it's a great idea for

I think it's a great idea for programs like this to get started as in  my opinion it's the only logical way to control the problem. Plus it gives the town an opportunity to make some money off of the hunts instead of spending the already limited supply of tax money by using other less effective options. With proper education I would think that most people other than the hardcore anti hunters would support what the program has to offer. I have never been anywhere that this is going on but the only real concern I can see would be the potential of a lost arrow turning up somewhere that someone could get cut. Especially if hunting in parks that get a lot of use. I know when I did hunt with a bow it was sometimes nearly impossible to find my arow if it stayed in the deer and fell out in the brush as it ran or went under the grass if I missed. I'm sure that there are possible solutions to that problem these days though with all the technology advancements that have been made in the more than 20 years since I last used arrows as a hunting tool.

Good luck on the hunts and I hope it all goes well.

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Glad to see them stepping up

Glad to see them stepping up and try to take control of what could become even a worse problem.  I do like that they are openiing it to all hunters.  I know its different but just like what happen here in Colorado at RMNP where they brought in sharp shooters and professial hunters.  I think there could have been a way to let the everday hunter in there to thin the herd out.  My hats off to WV.

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Well, It's been a few years,

Well, It's been a few years, but I can attest to the deer population being way, way over the carrying capacity of the land in Parkersburg.  They are thick as fleas.

I went to college in Marietta Ohio for 4 years, which is right on the Ohio river across from Parkersburg. We would go for drive over into West Virginia in the evenings, and it was commonplace to see 100 deer in a half hour, all over the place.  They were thin, mangy, and looked then like they were overrun.

As for the parents being concerned, we can just chalk that up to being undereducated about hunting. There is no need to worry about bows and arrows, especially if they need to stay 500 from schools or parks where there are kids.  For the most part, hunters will be responsible and won't likely ever be seen when hunting for those deer.

Kudos to Parkersburg for opening up the city limit to hunting.  A proactive approach that is needed, for sure!  I have not been back in years, but by reading the article and doing a quick google search, it appears Marietta has had the same law since 2005 allowing hunts in the city limits.  Wish it was that way while I was there... lol