West Virginia Spring Turkey Hunt Down

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High gasoline prices, rain, and lower numbers of turkeys are all being attributed to the lowest turkey spring hunt in a decade. From last year the numbers were down by 10%. This year West Virginia's spring hunt brought in 9,216 turkeys. (See per area list below.) Biologists think that poor productivity in 2009 also contributed to fewer turkeys. Hopefully with a dry June the hatch will be better, and turkey population will increase. There were fewer hunters out this season as well, which could be due to the higher cost of gas, and the wet weather. From the Register Herald.

Fayette, 237 turkeys this year, 215 a year ago; Greenbrier, 253 this spring, 226 in 2010; McDowell, 225 and 270; Mercer, 187 and 175; Monroe, 155 and 145; Raleigh, 215 and 182; Summers, 223 and 231; and Wyoming, 242 and 287.


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Well after reading all the

Well after reading all the bad reports about the deer and other herds out west dur to the bad winter we just came through it seems that the turkeys in the east have suffered as well. I thought the economy would really slow down hunting trips for some guys and now it appears that maybe the cost of gas has kept them home even in thier own state. I think the weather probably had more of a factor for this one though. Even if he can't travel a hunter will at least find a way to hunt at home. I bet we will see better results when the next soring season comes around.