West Virginia DNR Looking for Big Bucks

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Every year in September, the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources and West Virginia Wildlife Federation puts on the National Hunting and Fishing Days event. This year for their big buck display they are turning to West Virginia hunters who may have some available to share.

The DNR is asking anyone who harvested a buck legally in West Virginia with bow or firearm to share their trophy. The buck must have a Pope and Young or Boone and Crockett score of 150 or greater. The display will be limited to the first 30 bucks, and the owners of the bucks will be entered into a drawing for some great prizes.

National Hunting and Fishing Days is the largest event held at any West Virginia park, and brings in thousands of visitors. From WBOY.com.


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I think shows like this are

I think shows like this are great as well. Not only does it bring the hunters in and get them wound up for the coming season ot give you a chance to show off your own. It also helps to show off the state and add some non resident hunting dollars. I never thought of West Virginia as a hunting destination or possible hot spot before this but apparently they have more to offer than I knew about. I would love some programs like this here at home.

As far as the note about legally taken animals I'm sure there hasbeen something in the past that makes a note like this necessary. It's possible they had guys hauling them in from other states as well trying to get them entered. Legally taken but not from the right state maybe?

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great event

What a great event that would be to attend!  Nothing like seeing some monsters from your own state to jump start your engines.  I would like to see more states do something like that.  The one limiting factor might be physical size of the state.  Can you imagine Texas?

I hope they take lots of pictures and someone posts them on this site.  I would assume they will be all whitetail.  Spokane, Washington holds a big horn show yearly where people take their fresh trophies and put them on display.  I'm sure they don't get all the biggest in the state, but they sure draw their share.  They have a category for most big game animals.  And a category for past harvest.

As I said, I hope someone posts pictures from this event. 

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When I first say the headline

When I first say the headline to this article the first thing I thought of was "Are'nt we all", looking for that big buck that is.  I was like it they find them will they tell us were they are.  Then I read the article and then it all made sense.  I too like going to seminars or gatherings were there are bucks or bulls on display especially if they are from a state that I hunt in.  really gets the blood a pumping when you see some of the giants that you know are roaming around out there, just have not been able to see yet.  I also think its good for people to see quality bucks on display might make then let the smaller ones walk so they can hold out for a big one and then the smaller ones can grow up and be on display someday too.

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I always love going to those

I always love going to those state sponsored hunting and fishing day events.  You get to see the quality of bucks that your state is producing, as well as other game animals.

West Virginia has some great deer, for sure.  They may not be as well known as Ohio, or Virginia, which sort of sandwich the state, but they produce some wall hangers for sure.

Good to see hunters get a chance to display their trophies at a public setting like this.

I do have to laugh though that they are asking for bucks that are harvested "legally".  How many poachers are going to try and show up at a fish and game sponsored event???  wouldn't be too bright if they did. lol