Were Wild Turkeys Ever in New Brunswick?

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Did New Brunswick have native wild turkeys at one time? That is the question that the province is currently asking as hunters and members of the National Wild Turkey Federation are pushing for the release of wild turkeys in New Brunswick. Wild turkeys are considered a non-native species, so releasing them is illegal.

Maine at New Brunswick's border has a population of wild turkeys, and they have crossed over, and now New Brunswick has a few. Rob Wilson, an avid hunter and president of the Saint John chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, said turkeys were in New Brunswick before and should return.

Maine reintroduced the wild turkey to their state, and the population is doing well. Now some residents of New Brunswick would like to do the same thing. A study is being conducted to see if wild turkeys were ever in New Brunswick, but also what their impact would be on other animals in the area.

"What would be the impact for example on native ruffed grouse populations, which have a fairly tough time getting through the winter?" Jim Wilson, a naturalist said. From CBCNews.com.


wild turkeys

I was driving two Midland just pass Norton NB and 3 or 4 turkeys crossed the road and went in to the woods i did get to take a picture of them not sure if they were wild or just got lose from someone farm  if i knew how to post the picture i would thanks starr