Welcome Changes to Fond Du Lac Deer Season

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In the past Wisconsin white-tail deer seasons have included an antlerless season in October, and then an Earn A Buck program; where a hunter would first have to harvest a doe before being able to get a buck. Wisconsin hunters are happy to have the programs suspended for the 2011 season.

These measures were in place to control herd sizes. However there are better ways to accomplish this according to some hunters. Some would get the does and keep the meat, however some hunters who were solely after a buck would just throw away the dead doe, which is a wasteful. Also these programs weren't evenly reducing the herd numbers.

From FDLReporter.com, Jeff Pritzl, wildlife supervisor with the Department of Natural Resources, said other tools such as unlimited available antlerless permits and additional harvest opportunities beyond the nine-day regular gun season would need to be considered.


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I agree that forcing someone

I agree that forcing someone to kill a doe that only wants to hunt bucks is a bad idea. Some guys are willing to go for years in pusuit of thier trophy and have no desire to kill anything else. It's hard to believe there are guys that would just throw it away though when so many people are willing to take the surplus. Letting another guy that truly wants or needs the meat kill two or three is a much better idea so the right people get the amimals they desire. Some of these guys don't care if they ever kill a buck. I also doubt like stated in the article that the deer herd has nearly been eliminated by this program. No matter how many deer there are we always would like to see more but hopefully we can trust our game departments to know how many there are and how many the land can really hold.

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i think this is one of the

i think this is one of the most hair-brained scheams i've ever seen. why don't they just allow more doe tags, or have every buck tag come with a free doe tag?

i have a deep respect for the wildlife managers in ohio, and to reduce herd size, they continue to offer rediculous amounts of doe permits almost free of charge, while the any-deer permit remains cheap at about $25.

i know that most people don't have the same work ethic that i have come to expect from my crew, but effieciency should always be your goal no matter what job you have. taking away the ability of someone to take a buck until they have taken a doe is almost rediculous. some people just want the trophy, and have no respect for the life of the animals.

i guess i probably shouldn't ride wisconsin too hard as they've made a considerable amount of progress recently along with other northern great lakes area states, but never in my mind would i consider this particular managment strategy a viable option for reducing herd size. let the guys who want meat take more... simple, right?