Waterfowl Hunter's Actions Were Foul

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A waterfowl hunter who is somewhat of a celebrity is banned from hunting in Canada for the next three years and now owes more than $14,000 in fines.

Jeff Foiles of Illinois makes money by selling videos of his waterfowl hunts. His trial wrapped up on Wednesday in Edmonton, Canada. He faced charges of abusing birds after shooting them. This was not Foiles' first trial, as he already was charged in the United States and sentenced to 13 months in prison, fined $100,000, and banned from hunting for two years. His prison time in the United States starts on November 21st. Mr. Foiles pleaded guilty in September to cruelty to animals under the Criminal Code as well as to five offenses under the Migratory Birds Act. Those charges include exceeding the daily bag limit of ducks and geese, hunting birds from a power boat and not immediately retrieving and killing a wounded bird

Judge Richardson said the worst part of the case was that Mr. Foiles caused “gratuitous harm” to the animals. She added he may no longer be allowed to cross the border into Canada now that he has a criminal record.

Canadian investigators worked with officers from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for four years getting their case together and investigating Foiles' actions.

Mr. Foiles pleaded guilty in June in an Illinois court to two of 28 wildlife charges. Between 2003 and 2007, he guided hunts with his Fallin' Skies Strait Meat Duck Club and encouraged hunters to exceed their daily bag limits. Mr. Foiles and other workers then falsified hunting records.

Video footage shows Foiles mistreating the ducks while still alive. In one instance he covered the nostrils of a duck and asked "Is this how you wanted to die?" Good to see that justice has been done in this case. From The Globe and Mail.


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Celebrity, he is a criminal

Celebrity, he is a criminal and a repeat offender. He had his one chance, now it is time for a life sentance of no hunting. I am sure the anti's will have a field day with this showing how hunters have no respect for the animals or the laws. Talk about a tool, this guy should be tar and feathered! 

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Very nice!  I have been

Very nice!  I have been keeping updated on this since the charges were announced a while ago.  It makes you wonder what alot of these other outfitters have done while cameras were not rolling.  It takes hours and hours of footage to get one half hour show produced.  So, if it only takes a half hour to get their limit on TV, you gotta think alot more went on behind the scenes.

I agree with whoever said that this gives the liberal media and antis ammunition to use against us.  Most hunters are ethical, humane people, but it's people like this who give us a bad name.  I mean, suffocating a duck and joking about it?  Snap the neck, get it over with.  Be thankful you have the ability and privelage to enjoy the great outdoors, don't abuse it.

Glad to see him caught, charged, prosecuted, and penalized for doing all this.

Why feed the liberal fire?

This is the type of person liberal media loves to use to show non-hunters how inhumane hunting is! A true hunter would never do things like this and wants to help wildlife not torture it!

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Celebrity? I've never heard

Celebrity? I've never heard of this guy until now. To me he just sounds like another law breaking poacher. I hope he doesn't sell another video. It would be nice if he lost his hunting privliges for life. I'm glad Canada banned him from crossing the boarder that was the right thing to do. I don't understand why people can't just fallow game laws. It's really not that hard. It's people like this guy who put themselfs out there in the eye of the public and gives real law biding hunter a bad name. If this guy was a real hunter and conservationist like all of us here than he would do anything to promote our sport and heritage in a positive light, not bring negitive attention to it. That is just fuel for the anti's. Now that I know this scum bags name I will never watch any of his stuff and ask my friends to do the same. Why would someone want to abuse an animal after it was shot. That is just not right. As a hunter I have respect for the animals I hunt and harvest and want to make the cleanest fastest kill possible. I'm glad this guy got caught and I hope he will actually spent his whole sentence behind bars.

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  Not a celebrity with me and


Not a celebrity with me and never saw any of his shows.  Mr. Jeff Foiles appears nothing more than a criminal who thinks he is a hunter.  I hope the 13 months in the US prison system will teach him differently.  I am certain it is a low priority prison situation but still hope it changes his focus on being a real law-abiding sportsman.  14 months will tell... unless he ends up spending more time in the Canadian prison system.  Let us know if there is any different circumstance or change in mind that affects this story.