Washington Yakima Elk Herd Up

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The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife recently completed its survey of the Yakima elk herd and it appears that the population is about 1,000 head over management goals. According to The News Tribune, the DFW is looking into increasing the number of available elk permits for this upcoming fall.

The presumption would be that more permits would result in a higher harvest, but that's not necessarily the case, said Yakima-based WDFW wildlife biologist Jeff Bernatowicz. Last year's antlerless harvest in the Yakima GMUs was only 97 in the modern firearm, while muzzleloaders drew 495 antlerless permits and took only 62 elk.


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It's great to see the elk

It's great to see the elk herds increasing all across the country. One of my co-workers is from there and showed me a picture of a real nice bull that his sister killed last year.I didn't know it was such a big deal until I saw these sucess numbers posted.

Congratulations to a state doing a good job with their herds.

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Very cool.  Glad to see an

Very cool.  Glad to see an elk herd that is actually one the way up.

I am curious though, is there any wolf presence in Washington? I assume there is, since there is a pack in Oregon, and many in Canada to the north.

Most places with the wolves are seeing their herds hit hard, but the ones without wolves, like in Kentucky, Tennessee, etc., are seeing them thriving.


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Great news

Great news for those of us who live in Washington.  I'm pleased to see our elk herds doing well and flourishing.  I'll be hunting near Yakima this fall but not sure which units will be given the extra tags.  A fat cow in the freezer is mighty good table-fare.  As much as I love venison, there's nothing like elk meat.

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Wow! That's good news for the

Wow! That's good news for the Washington elk herd! It sounds like there are a lot of good things going on out there.

That's pretty interesting that with 495 permits issued, ony 62 elk were taken last year. It just goes to show that "hunting" is just that - it takes a certain level of skill, woodsmanship and yes, a little bit (a lot?) of luck thrown into the mix to kill a wild animal under fair chase conditions.

Three cheers to the Washington DFW people for their success in the management of their elk herd!