Washington to See Increases on Licenses

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The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will be increasing hunting and fishing licenses for the first time in a decade, starting September 1st. The increase comes after a temporary license charge expired in June. The increase in recreational licenses costs is to help with expenses; to manage fisheries and hunting seasons, produce trout and steelhead for recreational fisheries, enforce regulations, monitor fish and game populations and help maintain wildlife lands.

Not all licenses are increasing, some such as the senior and youth will actually decrease. The 2011 legislation passed the license increase to help with certain costs.The increase is expected to help increase the fishing and hunting budget by $8 million.

Hunting and fishing brings in $1.4 billion to the Washington economy and is important to the state, so maintaining all the hunting and fishing opportunities is equally important. From Lakewood Patch.


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Well nobody likes to see it

Well nobody likes to see it but when it's been that long since the last increase you have got to figure it's coming. It hurt bad when our tags went up in Colorado awhile back to nearly 50 for an elk and 30 for everything else. Most eastern states still charge far less but in my opinion it a needed evil and I will continue to fork it over no matter what. Hopefully the nonresident fees don't climb too high in other states though as that is the thing that will slow me down the most. There are many places I would like to go hunt but hte cost of some of those tags is a big deterrent.

Now that I think about it it's been a bit longer than I thought since our last increase here so hopefull I don't have another one sneeking up again. Colorado has been very active in bumping up costs on everything the last couple of years now.