Washington Offering Prizes For Reporting

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This year the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is requiring hunters to file different reports for general season and special permit hunts. In order to improve reporting they are definitely taking the "carrot" instead of the "stick" approach. According to the Tacoma News Tribune Washington hunters that file reports have a chance at winning one of nine 2011 special hunting permits.

That’s an incentive to get people to report this year’s hunting activities for black bear, deer, elk, or turkey to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife by Jan. 10. Those who meet the deadline will be included in a drawing for five deer permits and four elk permits in various areas of the state. Those permits will be valid from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, 2011. To qualify for the drawing, hunters must submit a report for each black bear, deer, elk or turkey tag they purchased in 2010.


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We need more carrots!

Well any time the government uses a carrot instead of a stick I’m in favor of it.  In my humble opinion the government has way to many sticks to use to start with!


That said, I really like the idea of rewarding hunters with something that they actually want – an opportunity to hunt more.  Nothing makes my blood boil as it relates to hunting than organizations like a state Department of Fish and Wildlife spending tax dollars for something like hiring exterminators to shoot off deer instead of giving out, selling, or yes even raffling off hunting permits that those of us who hunt would welcome the chance to get.  So kudos to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife for doing something smart!  Now if only the New York Department of Environmental conservation would follow along with something similar like maybe a chance at the first round of New York State moose tags in the near future!  That would be cool!

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This is a pretty cool idea. 

This is a pretty cool idea.  I would like to see a follow up later to see what the actual participation is.

Maybe I am spoiled coming from a small state like Vermont, but it always amazes me that these places, like where I hunt in California, essentially rely on the honor system for getting their harvest numbers.

I know in Vermont, they actually opened check stations all over the state where you report your deer, it's weighed, teeth data taken, and your license and tag are checked.  Like I said, the geography of Vermont makes this possible, and it woukd be impossible in a state like California, but it still amazes me.

I would like to see California try something like this.  Interesting.

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I think this is a superior

I think this is a superior idea and one I endorse heartily.

Let's face it - everyone pays for information these days and it is incredibly valuable.

The Federal government, individual US states, businesses, special interest groups - you name it - there are surveys after surveys used to gain that all valuable set of statistics, facts or opinions - that are ultimately used to make some incredibly important decisions!

Armed with this all important information, Washington can begin for form a custom tailored plan based on FACTS and not what a group of lawmakers, DNR officials or other lobbyists may want them to believe.

I am left, however, to wonder if the "carrot" is big enough... nine hunts out of whatever the total for the state is seems to be a very low cost "prize" to be able to get to the level of return information that they are really seeking.

I wonder if they could not do something a little more widespread - like offering a "free" hunting license for 1 in 20 in state hunters each year (not a permit - just a basic license) and if you return the correct information - you go into a "pool" from which the winners are drawn.

This might even lure additional hunters back into the ranks of people that hunt regularly and there could be a $0.00 net loss - or cost - for the state...

Add to this that more people would have a chance to gain at least something - rather than only 9 people in the state having a chance to win - could spark more of a groundswell of support!

At any rate, I think it is a great idea and like it very well!

Bravo, Washington!!

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Oregon started doing this

Oregon started doing this last year as only 17% of tags were being reported on. Reporting is mandatory in oregon and the ODFW is also planning on punishing people who dont report. they havent said yet what those punishments would be. I think its important to report, it give the biologist the info need to figure out over all herd populations and ultimaltly give us hunters the info needed to plan our hunts out. The ODFW give out 3 special tag similar to the govners tag, If drawn you get to choose between deer, elk or pronghorn.  I hope I can get lucky and get pick for one of those.