Washington Bill Would Make Hound Hunting Permanent

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In 1996 Washington voters banned the use of dogs when hunting cougars; however a pilot program established in 2004 has allowed the use of hounds while cougar hunting in high mountain lion complaint counties. According to the Seattle Times, lawmakers would like to make hound hunting permanent.

But Democratic Rep. Brian Blake of Aberdeen wants to put regulatory authority back in the hands of officials at the Department of Fish and Wildlife and let them determine cougar hunting seasons with hounds. Opponents to Blake's bill say hunting cougars with dogs is still a cruel and inhumane practice.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

I could take it or leave it

I could take it or leave it for this.

I have never been a big fan of hound hunting for bears or cats.  That being said, as long as it's leagal, I wouldn't think of taking away someone's ability to do it.

It'll be interesting to see if this passes.  The northwest is almost turning into California with all it's tree huggers now, unfortunately.

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I really hope this bill

I really hope this bill passes, if it does it would put pressure on the ODFW and Oregon lawmakers to over turn our ban on hounds and bait for bear and cougar, it was a silly law passed by the tree huggers here. since it passed in 94 and became law in 96 the bear and cougar populations have exploded and the deer and elk have paid for it. The predators here in the NW need to be controled and the only way to do that is allow hunters to hunt them with better methods other than calling.